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How to Style Your Wedding Cake

9th August 2017

The wedding cake is traditionally the centrepiece of your reception, and the cake cutting is the first official joint duty husband and wife share.


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So you have picked the perfect wedding cake with your cake designer, the next step in the process is styling the cake at your wedding reception venue.  For those on a budget, additional styling around your cake is a great way of featuring a simple cake and still making a statement.  

Ellana Haddrill from SweetP Cakes and Cookies has put together a couple of tips to help you with the process of styling your cake perfectly.

The Venue

Ask your venue or planner where your cake table will be located.  If it is normally assigned to an out-of-the-way corner or an area where the backdrop or lighting is unappealing, don’t be afraid to ask for alternatives. You don’t have to conform to tradition,  you can place your cake at the entrance of your reception venue, where your guests can take the time to view, talk about and photograph your cake. Alternatively, you can place your cake in the centre of your reception, or even in the lounge area.  It is important to consider some practicalities, such as keeping your cake out of direct sunlight or heat, and out of areas where guests may accidentally knock the cake over.  Yep, the dance floor may not be the most practical place! 

Wedding cake styling _ The Bride's Tree _

The Table

Many venues and stylists have beautiful tables or sideboards, which are a feature in their own right. If the only option is a standard table, buying a tablecloth that complements your cake and theme is another way of giving your cake a little ‘wow’. A beautiful piece of linen or lace softly crumpled across the table, or a long piece of macramé can elevate the whole look of your wedding cake. 

Wedding cake styling _ The Bride's Tree _1

The Background

Think about the background to the cake table.  How will it look in photographs?  Is there anything unsightly in the background, like powerpoints, kitchen entrance way, or speaker wires?

Wedding cake styling _ The Bride's Tree _

Cake Stands

Many cake designers and stylists can provide you with a cake stand in their package.  Do check it is going to be the right size for your cake and consider the weight of the cake in selecting your stand.  Ask your Cake Designer for advice, believe me when I say it is likely they have a cake stand ‘addiction’.wedding cake props _ The Bride's Tree


Props can be a fantastic way of enhancing a simply designed cake. Think deer horns, flower wreaths, candles, glamours mirrors, or even some industrial bricks – the options are limitless.

To give you some inspiration, I have put together some cake tables I love on my Pinterest page


Photo credits: Shae Estella Photo, Andrea Sproxton Photography, Lindy Yewen Photography, Emma Nayler Photographer. 


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  • Jules Bridal Jewellery

    It is such a great idea using props, adore the mirror idea.