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Spotlight on a Supplier

24th April 2012

One thing we just love doing at The Bride's Tree is introducing you to some of the brilliant personalities we meet in our travels to explore all things bridal on the Sunshine Coast. There certainly are some of the most interesting and lovely people right here in the Sunshine Coast wedding community!

Fiona Roberts of Celebrate with Fiona is undoubtedly one of those people. In her work as a Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, she brings a wealth of knowledge, creates an atmosphere of love and celebration, and shares her beautiful spirit with the couple and all their family and wedding guests.

Fiona is not only an experienced wedding celebrant, she is also a wife and mother. She says her little guy is the light of her life and her husband, her very best friend. Everybody say, "Awww!" Today our spotlight is on the one and only Fiona Roberts. We have asked her some pressing questions to help you have the pleasure of getting to know her, too.


TBT: What is your favourite Sunshine Coast cafe, and who would you most likely be spotted there with? 

FR: Coffee Club, Bulcock Beach, with family and/or friends.


TBT: When you have a weekend off from weddings, how do you spend it? 

FR:In the garden, or picnicking / day tripping with my boys…


TBT: What is something very special to you in your life? 

FR: I’m lucky to have a wonderful circle of family and friends – something I am truly grateful for every day.


TBT: Do you have a favourite book? 

FR: Not really…  I’m a big non-fiction fan, and spend a LOT of time working over our local libraries – for a myriad of subjects!

TBT: What lead you to become a wedding celebrant? 

FR: It was something that I’d always wanted to do, but when Sam was on his way, it seemed to be the perfect time, so that I could be a full time Mum AND do something I love!


TBT: What do you always aim to bring to the weddings you officiate? 

FR: My goals are to ensure that the ceremony reflects the couples’ relationship, and the vows are promises that they are happy to base their marriage on – unique, inspirational and memorable!


TBT: What is your best piece of advice to brides? 

FR:Take a moment when they get to the top of the “aisle” (wherever that may be) and look at their Groom (and vice versa for the Groom) and take it all in – this is a moment that they will remember for a lifetime, and no-one can see it through their eyes, the way that they do!


TBT: Please share a favourite wedding moment from a wedding you have officiated. 

FR: Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting a very special ceremony, where the Bride surprised her Groom, attendants and parents with a surprise butterfly release.  It was quite a trick to organise, but with the help of a quality wedding organiser, we pulled it off beautifully – a truly beautiful moment!


Enjoy your ANZAC Day everybody. Lest we forget.