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Engaged | Cecilia + Son in Maleny

18th July 2018

Two hinterland locations. Two outfits. A flower crown. Pink smoke. Boom - epic Maleny engagement shoot achieved.

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Engaged couple, Cecelia and Son took advantage of their complimentary engagement photo shoot with their photographer, Charlotte Gaspar Photography. All of Charlotte’s couples receive one as part of their wedding photography package. 

Charlotte took the pair up the range first to Gardener’s Falls to capture the magical serenity of the location for their Maleny engagement shoot. She surprised Cecilia and Son with some fun coloured smoke to add a little extra special element to their images. 

Then they traipsed on to the iconic One Tree Hill in Maleny, where a perfectly clear horizon revealed the Glass House Mountains.

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The Proposal

Son prepared a lavish proposal whilst the couple were overseas in Santorini. He surprised Cecilia with a Hotel upgrade with a room overlooking the ocean. He then had a driver pick them up who took them to a remote location. Once they walked down the path, Cecilia’s first reaction was, “Where is the food?” A girl after my own heart. 

Once they reached the clearing they were met with a beautiful sunset overlooking the ocean. There was a romantic table set up, music, candles and flowers, cake and champagne. Son got down on one knee and did the whole bit. How romantic!  

Cecilia said although she doesn’t remember the whole speech, she doesn’t think Son could have done a single thing differently. Needless to say, her answer was an emphatic, “Yes!” 

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The Shoot

Being quite an adventurous couple, Charlotte wanted to capture Cecilia and Son’s true personalities and have their photo shoot serve as a good representation of them. Two beautiful locations in nature, two outfits and some fun pink smoke certainly did the trick.

Cecilia and Son loved their images so much, they have ordered a canvas to display both in their home, and at their wedding in November.

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Charlotte Gaspar Photography is one of our A-list Vendors… CHARLOTTE GASPAR PHOTOGRAPHY