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Wedding Day Do-Over

8th July 2012

When rain poured on Katie and Tim's Sunshine Coast wedding day, they still had confident, beautiful smiles on their faces. They knew it was no big deal to them at all. Their wet weather plan came into play, but of course they missed out on all of the lovely outdoor wedding party photos they had planned. However, they still were not concerned in the least. Why? Because they had a backup plan for those, too.

Their amazing Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, Emma Nayler Photographer, made them a promise – as she does with all her brides – that if weather played havoc on their wedding day preventing any outdoor location shots to be taken, a 2-hour do-over shoot will be arranged. How awesome is that! You know, the caring nature of our Sunshine Coast wedding professionals never ceases to amaze me.

Katie and Tim really wanted their beautiful photos to be as beautiful as they first planned, so they gathered their entire bridal party, organised the hair and makeup artists to come back and perform their magic once more, and they even purchased the same bouquets again for the 2-hour do over shoot with Emma.

I'm sure you will all agree, making the effort to recreate the look of their wedding day for the photos of their dreams was well worth the trouble.