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Important Jobs for Trusted People

27th October 2014

On your wedding day, you will be so consumed with beautifying, calming the nerves, having gazillions of photos taken, greeting guests, generally being fabulous… Oh, and, you know, getting hitched and stuff. Before you start extracting precious childhood memories from your mind in an effort to make more room for the little things you need to organise and remember, (No? Just me who does that?), start designating.

There are a few important things you simply will not be able to do yourself on your Sunshine Coast wedding day, so it’s time to hand over the reigns on this one and let someone else take stock of what you need done. Here are a few jobs you may not have made arrangements for. Your job this week is to choose the person/people to take care of these and make sure you inform them with clear instructions.

Carry your touch-up supplies

You’re going to be flat out carrying your bouquet and holding your husband’s (eek!*) hand, you
won’t have a spare hand for a clutch. Ask a trusted friend to carry all your supplies for you. These
include, but are not limited to touch up lipstick and powder, tissues, paracetamol/similar, bandaids/
plasters, and even a small emergency sewing kit.
It’s a good idea to choose someone who will be able to be close to you throughout the day and
night. Your trusted bridesmaid or maid of honour is ideal. Your mother might be a good alternative,
however bear in mind that she might be difficult to pin down, as family and friends will be just as
keen to congratulate her on her beautiful daughter’s marriage.

Bring your overnight bag

Following your reception, you and your new hubby will want to sneak off to your own private paradise, even if it’s just for the night before your honeymoon. You will need to have somebody either bring along your overnight bag and stash it somewhere safe till it’s time to go, or deliver it to your wedding night accommodation prior to the day’s celebration. This goes for your new Mister’s bag, too, so be sure to have his gear organised, as well. 

Look after the loot

Whether it be a table full of presents or your wishing well, you will need to have somebody  take care of all of your gifts. Nominate a trusted person to take these to their car to take home for you, and not too late in the night. It’s best to pick a time that’s after the official stuff, but before the party really gets going to get the goods out of the way. 

Set up your decorations

If for some reason your venue/decorator will not be doing this already, you will need to nominate somebody to do it for you. It’s important that you pick someone who can follow your directions to the letter, and be sure you go over the set up with them just how you want it several times. You don’t want to walk into your own wedding reception and feel like running about to each table setting and switching things around! You may even wish to supply them with a photo of how and where you want each item to be placed, so there’s no confusion. 
A word to the wise – don’t pick somebody who is in your bridal party. They will need to be with you for emotional support, and to have their pampering done as well. You don’t want your busy hair and makeup artists to be waiting around for your bridesmaid to return, or miss them out altogether because they are still at the venue putting out place cards. This could be a job for your groom, who with only a suit to throw on probably has nothing better to do, anyway!

Pick up cake and flowers 

Again, don’t choose a person already in your bridal party to do this. This is a great job for brothers, fathers, uncles and cousins, who would revel at the chance to make themselves useful. If they are not usually local to the area, send them with a GPS or detailed map and instructions. Be sure they know whose name the order was placed under, and give them a detailed list of what is to be collected so they can check it off as they go. Supply this trusted person with a phone number of the supplier as well, so if anything goes amis, they can contact them first to see if they can sort it out themselves before calling you directly to stress you out. 
Have you allocated your wedding day important jobs yet? Share below in the comments. 
Photo by Alex Ball