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Wedding Planning Checklist

10th April 2012

Have you ever planned a big event before? No? Well, this wedding planning caper might be starting to get to be a bit of a headache by now, and you may even find yourself wondering just what you need to do next. Am I right? Of course I am, I'm always right! I've always thought so, anyway…

Listen, planning your Sunshine Coast wedding is supposed to be fun, and the best way to make sure it doesn't turn from a slightly irritating headache to a full-blown migraine is to be prepared and organised and have your finger on the pulse, planning wise. So here it comes, your printable paracetamol of sorts, that works as fast as a gel Advil. Our very in depth and easy-to-follow Wedding Planning Checklist!

It is right here on The Bride's Tree in a printable pdf for your convenience. It has absolutely everything on it, and is divided up in a handy little timeline, so it's really easy to keep on track with all of the little jobs you have to do.

Now, we wanted to be super thorough and include absolutely every possible thing you could ever imagine wanting to do towards planning your wedding from announcing your engagement in the newspaper to purchasing wedding insurance, right down to getting a spray tan and even removing the tags from your wedding dress and shoes! So of course there may be several tasks on there that won't be relevant to you with your particular wedding. My advice to you is to keep everything on the list, right up until that particular timeframe is upon you. At that point, go through the list and decide then and there which ones you will be crossing off. This way, you can make the decision exactly at the most relevant moment.

We have a stack more handy printable pdf planning tools, free for you to use, right here. Happy planning, Sunshine Coast brides!

Image by Adori Studios

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