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Awesome Stop Motion Wedding Invitation!

4th May 2014

When Ipswich couple, Bronnie and Sam, got engaged, they wanted to put together a fun and unique wedding invitation that represented their relationship and personalities and helped their guests get a taste for the kind of event they are in for when they attend their Sunshine Coast wedding at Maison La Plage Grove on Noosa’s Main Beach in February.

Bronnie and Sam came up with a super cool concept and enlisted the help of their good friend, Benjamin Danville Photographic Artist, to take approximately 1.5 gazillion images of the cute couple frolicking at the beach. Ben then stayed up to all hours to stitch together the following awesome stop motion invitation piece, set to the uber cool “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates. Clever!

Bronnie and Sam never imagined when they were introduced by a mutual friend at a coffee shop that three years later they would be getting married and planning their future family of no less than five children together. Well, if Bronnie gets her way! 

Marrying on the Sunshine Coast is a dream come true, they say, as they have always loved the open spaces and beautiful scenery it has to offer. Thanks for sharing your awesome wedding invitation with us, Bronnie and Sam!