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Film of the Week

3rd March 2012

Why not? Such a simple phrase, and one that could be, (along with a group of well-meaning friends), the catalyst for many a young couple ending up right where Tom and Kelly now are. 

Every bride I interview for our real wedding blog posts is asked how they met their husband, and I have to say it's my favourite part. It's what I ask first, and I absolutely thrill at hearing the stories of how two people, who came to love each other enough to want to be together forever and ever, first encountered one another. 

This particular story really makes me smile. The bride and groom tell it so well. You can feel the initial excitement in their meeting, the renewed anticipation when they pursued one another again, and yet they don't gush, they are just honest, open and genuine. And then there's the bride's eloquent speech. I think it's absolutely gorgeous when a bride gives a speech at her wedding.

I really like these two people, and I've only known them for a few weeks via their highlights film and letters to their cinematographers, Richelle and Shane from Lumina Motion Pictures, based in Buderim right here on the Sunshine Coast. I've watched this wedding highlights film now many times, and I'm still loving it as much as the very first time. 

Kelly & Tom | Why Not? from Lumina Motion Pictures on Vimeo.