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Boomerang + GIF + Pic Photo Booth!

17th December 2018

The Bride's Tree Christmas party was a blast! And we have the evidence from our photo booth shots!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the year that was with a big bash at Pier 33 Mooloolaba. All of our much-adored A-list Vendors donned their glad rags and came out in full force. We love our crew so much, and they are some of the hardest working people around, so we relish any opportunity we get to spend down time with them. 

This year we had the amazing John Veloso Music there to entertain us with his outstanding talents, and iShoot Photo Booth, which was So. Much. Fun. 

iShoot Photo Booth is not your everyday, garden variety photo booth. Oh, no. This baby not only produces awesome pics, but GIFs and Boomerangs! Needless to say, there was hardly a moment all night where somebody wasn’t getting their pose on! 

We found it very difficult to choose from all the cool backdrops available, but eventually landed on this gorgeous greenery, which very much went in style with the white and navy Hamptons style of Pier 33. Our set up also came with some Christmas-themed props! Oh, it sure was the season to be jolly – as you will see from these pics, GIFs and Boomerangs! 

Bride’s_Tree_Christmas_Party_-overlay-3bed2f-01 Bride’s_Tree_Christmas_Party_-overlay-7e305b-01

Bride’s_Tree_Christmas_Party_-overlay-43f200-01 Bride’s_Tree_Christmas_Party_-overlay-54a8d6-01

Bride’s_Tree_Christmas_Party_-overlay-b9b2fc-01 Bride’s_Tree_Christmas_Party_-overlay-a297f4-01