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Eco Friendly Wedding Inspiration

10th November 2014

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about here at The Bride’s Tree, it’s being eco-savvy and mindful of the environment and implementing sustainable practices. That’s why our magazine is completely online – no paper!  That way, only those who wish to have a paper copy need download and print it. Otherwise you just enjoy its pretty splendour online.  Get ready to be inspired by these great eco-friendly wedding ideas for your Sunshine Coast wedding! Details below the images.  1.  Custom made, fabric flower wedding bouquet with rhinestone and pearl brooches from Cultivar. 2. Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations made from recycled paper…

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Wedding Tip: Backup Bouquet

14th April 2014

Your wedding bouquet is going to arrive from your Sunshine Coast florist on your wedding day morning, and you will fall in love with it. So exquisite in its prettiness and perfection. It will be your perfect adornment and constant companion throughout your wedding day.  If you are leaving for your honeymoon immediately, tossing it to one of your dear friends may not be worrisome to you at all. However if you plan to enjoy your bridal bouquet for the days to come while it lasts, you should be prepared with a back up for the traditional bouquet toss. Here’s…

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Real Wedding: Phoebe & Lochlan at Yandina Station

10th March 2014

In a whimsical woodland themed wedding at Yandina Station, Phoebe and Lochlan were married amongst an intimate gathering of their closest family and friends. The Dairy at Yandina Station was transformed delightfully with an outdoors-in feel, featuring tree stumps, moss and roses. The whole affair was gorgeously full of floral arrangements by Twig and Grace.  And something truly special – not one, but three cakes!  //// Glowing bride, Phoebe, shares her day with us in her own words and we have the treat of some Julian Beattie photos to pour over.  “Our wedding was a surreal, magic, love-high kind of a day. We felt completely…

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The Dress Photo

29th September 2013

When your photographer turns up on your wedding day morning, you will be busily being pampered and fussed over by your makeup artist, hair stylist, bridesmaids and your mother. Before you get dressed, your awesome Sunshine Coast wedding photographer will ask to be directed to the beautiful wedding dress you plan to marry your beloved in. Now, you could have it hanging limp and lifeless in your wardrobe… Or you could have a grand plan for the photo they will inevitably take. Look around before the time comes and find something beautiful, funky, cool and creative to do with your…

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DIY a Fabulous Photo Booth

4th April 2013

You probably remember our gorgeous and clever bride, Taryn, whose amazing vintage DIY wedding we blogged a few weeks back. Well, she also happened to put together her own photo booth props, and the results were hilarious! Taryn, her husband, Ben, and their family and friends sure know how to have a good time!  It will be actually quite simple and cheap to DIY your own photo booth props for your Sunshine Coast wedding. Here’s how Taryn went about it.  Taryn first tackled her old dress up box, found stashed at her Mum and Dad’s, then hounded her brothers and…

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Brooch Bouquet

4th March 2013

One super pretty trend to hit the wedding scene is bouquets made entirely from beads, crystals, brooches and other kinds of jewellery. Ultra glam, the beauty of these jewellery bouquets is unlike their flower counterparts, of course they do not wilt!  This beautiful little morsel is complemented with royal blue silk flowers and tied with a gorgeous ivory ribbon, pinned with a sapphire rhinestone. Gorgeous bride, Taryn (whose DIY styling we recently featured), ordered her brooch bridal bouquet online at Etsy store, Noaki Jewelry. Their customisable bouquets are carefully constructed with each little gem and brooch wired in to make…

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Upstyles for Blonde Brides

27th February 2013

I don’t know if it’s true that blondes have more fun, but one thing I know for sure (yes, full Oprah-style) is that we can all find plenty of enjoyment in today’s hair inspiration. Especially for you, lovely Sunshine Coast brides of the blonde persuasion, I have collated some of the prettiest bridal upstyles for fair-haired brides.  From the relaxed to the intricately structured, from the asymmetrical to the… well, the symmetrical, here are some fabulous styles fit for any kind of Sunshine Coast wedding, that you can draw plenty of inspiration from. Of course they have been created by…

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The Most Romantic Day… So Far – Happy Valentines Day!

14th February 2013

When we thought about today – Valentines Day – we thought about the ultimate romance. And who would be better qualified than to weight in on what it means to be romantic than the Sunshine Coast wedding professionals, who see more than their fair share of all things romance day in and day out. Today we decided to ask them flat out, no mucking around, a very pressing question about the topic…  What screams “romance” to you?  Jules from Julian Beattie Photography says…  “I’d say that romance is a lot like this image in certain ways. I consider romance to be the…

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Gorgeous Grooms

29th October 2012

Almost every photographer we ever speak to says that their favourite photograph to capture at a wedding is the face of the groom when he sees his bride for the first time on his wedding day. In front of all his family and friends, he cannot hide his reaction to the beautiful sight beheld.  Whether it be tears or glee, the reaction is an emotional one that brides absolutely delight in reliving later on when they gaze upon their beautiful wedding albums. Especially the fortunate Sunshine Coast brides who have been clever enough to hire one of our amazing Sunshine…

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Classic Car = Wedding Day Magic

28th March 2012

Having a classic car for your wedding car will add a little magic to your special day. Getting about in a Rolls Royce, Bentley, heck, even a FB Holden, will be an experience you will never forget. Or what about, say… A London taxi with a whole lot of history! Whether you are having a vintage-themed wedding or not, a chauffer-driven classic car for your Sunshine Coast wedding is not only a stylish choice, but I guarantee you, it's a magical one. Take a look at these beauties.  All photos by Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers. Photo by Penny Riddoch  …

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