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10 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Wedding Planner

31st March 2014

Guest blog post by brilliant Sunshine Coast wedding planner from Wild Heart Weddings. Image by Aimee Catt Photography.

1. Industry Knowledge

Think about this for a moment.  How many celebrants do you know? How many photographers do you know? How many wedding venues are you aware of? Are any of these venues BYO?  Is there a makeup artist on the coast who specialises in lash extensions or airbrushing?  I bet you can’t think of many answers to those questions… A Wedding Planner, however, knows hundreds It is their job to go to networking events, showcases, organise venue viewings, keep up-to-date with all the new suppliers hitting the scene and sift through the gigantic amount of wedding professionals on the Sunshine Coast so that you don’t have to.

2. Timeline

While every wedding is unique and has a character all of its own, most weddings seem to follow a fairly standard timeline. A Wedding Planner will be able to tell you (among many other things):

  • When to book a venue so you don’t miss out
  • When to book all your suppliers
  • When you should send out your “Save The Dates” and your invitations
  • When to organise transport and rehearsals
  • When you should be ordering your dress

They’ll also plan your big day down to the minute. They coordinate with all suppliers so that everyone is aware of what should be happening at any precise moment. You won’t need to worry about a thing.

3. Budget

This is a big ticket item. Lots of couples simply aren’t aware of what weddings cost and when those quotes start rolling in it’s safe to say most people are a little shocked. A Wedding Planner will put your mind at ease; they will explain why things cost as much as they do, what’s a suitable price and how to save money in some areas. All those beautiful little details add up and it’s imperative that you have someone paying close attention to where the money is going so that you don’t wind up blowing the budget. A good Wedding Planner will track all of your spending and remind you when payments are due. They’ll also end up saving you money in lots of areas you probably didn’t think possible!

4. Time

Planning a wedding takes time. Lots and lots of time. It’s been estimated that planning a wedding takes more than 200 hours (and from personal experience, sometimes even more!). Most couples these days both work full time and finding the time necessary to pull off such a big event is nearly impossible. People get stressed and all of a sudden planning a wedding doesn’t seem so fun anymore.

5. Handling a crisis

Even the very best laid plans can sometimes be thrown into chaos. Natural disasters, personal disasters, family problems, logistical problems, a dodgy supplier… all of these things can and will be rectified by a professional Planner. They have handled all sorts of crazy situations before and they have an infinite amount of tricks up their sleeves to deal with anything you can throw at them. And they’ll do it all with a smile and without breaking a sweat!

6. Support

A Wedding Planner becomes your best friend, your second mum, your confidant, your advisor and your wingman (or wingwoman!). They’ll be able to tell you what colours work well together and how to deal with those family members who can’t take a hint. They can accompany you to tastings, dress fittings, supplier meetings. They’ll hold your hand when you need support, stand up for you so that your voice is heard and will always put your best interests first.  

7. Attention to detail

A Planner can spot a logistical problem from a mile away. They’ll also draw your attention to things you may not have thought about, such as how to transport guests with disabilities, catering for those guests with special dietary requirements, what to do if it rains on the day and how to handle any last minute annoyances which might arise. They’ll ensure everything is exactly where it should be.  

8. Planning a wedding somewhere other than where you live (Destination Wedding)  

How do you plan a wedding on the Sunshine Coast if you live in another state? Simple. Hire a Wedding Planner. They’ll be able to send you links, photos, location and supplier suggestions and they’ll handle all the hard work for you while still keeping you fully informed and involved with the process. All you’ll need to do is show up on the day!

9. Turning your vision into reality

Sometimes it’s hard to put your wedding vision into words. A planner can help you get those visions down on paper. They use tools such as vision boards, Pinterest and floor layouts to help you fine tune your concept and pull it off with finesse.

10. Your sanity. 

This one’s a no-brainer. People can go a little crazy planning a wedding. Everyone has heard of the term “Bridezilla” but it’s not just the bride who can go a little cuckoo. The groom, associated families, and the bridal party – they all feel the pressure. How lovely would it be to let someone else take on all that stress and pressure so that you don’t have to!