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Marry Me Adam

He doesn't do boring very well and he believes celebration is really pretty cool! His wedding ceremonies are heartfelt, meaningful, fun and tailor-made like no other.

"Adam is the ultimate gentleman – the old school manners and grace that your grandmothers nod and fluff their handkerchiefs fondly at” Melissa & Jack

Put simply, Sunshine Coast celebrant, Adam loves to have fun. He doesn't do boring very well. And he believes celebration is really pretty cool, but more importantly he loves bringing everyone together and making sure everyone at your wedding feels important.

There’s no doubt that weddings can be stressful. That’s why Adam conducts thorough consultations with couples, in person or via Zoo, phone or email, so that when the big day finally arrives you can relax, celebrate and savour each and every precious moment.


Speech Writing

Yes, he can make it so much easier for you! It’s your shout while you sit down and really get down to the nut & bolts of when and why you’ve come together; what you are doing here and what it all really means. You'll spend as much time together as necessary, Adam takes your thoughts and then evolves them into a sincere, easily read vow that you can deliver.

Master of Ceremonies

A professional MC will know who is who in the zoo, that will be able to make any feel super important, at exactly the right time. Adam will have studied the family tree like a form guide and have the ability to sweep Nana off her feet with his boyishly good charm and manners.


"We have had so many guests, post wedding, congratulate us on our day.  Highly emotive, engaging, entertaining and the attention to detail was second to none.  This includes Adam's level of warmth and genuine sincerity to ensure EVERYONE felt special on our day of LOVE! Adam radiates this enigma that people gravitate towards easy and naturally." Melissa & Jack Wells.

"Thank you Adam for making our wedding day so special!  With you building us the entire process was so smooth & easy - makes me wonder what I was so nervous about.  Really great memories and we can't thank you enough.  Highly recommend to anyone looking for a wonderful celebrant". Adelle Hunt

"Adam you truly made our day the best ever from writing our vows to making it all come together not he day.  We cannot express to you how fabulous you made our day.  Thanks for making us official."  Sophie Cameron


Contact Details

Website: www.marrymeadam.com.au

Phone: 0435874346

Mobile: 0435874346

Email: adam@marrymeadam.com.au

Address: Mobile, Sunshine Coast,, QLD