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Crescent Moon Candles

Bridal gifts, wedding favours and bridesmaid gift boxes filled with 100% soy wax handmade candles and crystal or stone energies.

Crescent Moon Candles are handmade with love from 100% soy wax, to surround you with beneficial crystal and stone energies.   We have a range of bridesmaid's boxes, bridal gifts and wedding favours that are sure to add a special element to your wedding planning. 

About Us
Hi, my name is Emma & I'm the founder of Crescent Moon Candles here on the Sunshine Coast. 
My passion for crystal candle making began 3 years ago when I was needing to connect with my creativity after having my beautiful baby girl, Zarlie. I've always held a huge love for crystal energy & am a big believer of the therapeutic benefits that candles give. 
At first it was a hobby, as I was a Kindy teacher for 8 years, but after lots of positive feedback from family and friends I decided to begin my little homegrown business. I am thankful everyday that it has become my full time job now and that I get to spread love through my products.   
I have many people asking how did I come up with the idea of crystal candles? It was a pretty simple story. One night I was manifesting ideas and as I looked down at my candle burning and the crystals next to it on the kitchen bench, it dawned on me that crystals & candles would make the perfect combination because heat helps release crystal energies. After this I never looked back and my passion became more powerful than ever. 

Contact Details

Website: www.cresmooncandles.com

Phone: 0455 222 118

Mobile: 0455 222 118

Email: cresmooncandles@gmail.com

Address: Sunshine Coast, QLD