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Naturally Jek Photography

Not your run of the mill photographer. I am here to capture your magical day, seizing every opportunity to freeze your memories in time. Wild-hearted, authentic photography at its best. I want to know you, your story and document your tale.

Do you want “just” a photographer? Or do you want a stylist, a guide, a bouncing board, a best friend to run all your magical ideas by. Together we can create not only images, but bespoke, epic and insanely cool experiences.

I am all about documenting the real stuff. The real. The raw. The heart stopping or heart racing moments that transform an image into a feeling. From finger intertwining, to stargazing and rocking the dance floor. I’m not here to just show up with a camera and shoot. I care about more than that; the deep things. Who you are as a couple, what’s important to you, and what you dream of experiencing on your wedding day? I’m passionate about uncovering the unique facets of your personality and relationship.

I am here to create an experience with you. Something extraordinary so that you’re left with memories and images that give you all the gooey feelings for a lot longer than your wedding day. I do this because I want photos to be more than just photos to you!

Just think, what would the perfect day look like? And now let’s start working towards it. Your wedding day isn’t just a ceremony and some portraits — it’s the entire experience. Let’s forget all the “have to’s” and pleasing everyone else. Strip it right back to what actually matters… YOU. Together we can build a day that oozes the expression of your love for one another.

I am here to help you bring every detail to life, to make your day far more experiential than you ever imagined. And capture these moments to last a lifetime.

Contact Details

Website: www.naturallyjek.com

Phone: 0458 400 979

Mobile: 0458 400 979

Email: naturallyjek@gmail.com

Address: Sunshine Coast, QLD