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Our photographic style is raw, honest, natural and instantly recognizable. If it's timeless, romantic and effortlessly stunning photos that you seek, then ASH & STONE is where it's at!

There are two types of people out there - those that value photography - and those that don't. Similarly, there are two types of photographer out there - those that place high value on what they do - and those that don't. Here at Ash & Stone, we are the latter. that said, we believe that wedding photography is not just another 'one day in your life' investment either. It's how your kids, their kids, and how their children's kids will remember you on this day.

It pays to get it right, and it pays to choose a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer that gets the importance of the legacy that you're wanting to create, and to share, and to ultimately leave behind. Creating images that are only suitable for a momentary status, or to deliver just a few hundred files on a device that won't be around in 100 years time, is not our thing either. We are all about creating heirlooms and images for your home, that can be enjoyed by everyone & for many years to come.

If you're an adventurous, fun, down to earth and stylish, loved up couple that loves the idea of having one of most epic days of your life captured in all it's glory, than we'd love to hear from you & to have the opportunity to photograph and to share this most amazing day with you soon. xx

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Website: www.ashandstone.com.au

Phone: 0407 573 379

Mobile: 0407 573 379

Email: ash_and_stone@yahoo.com

Address: Sunshine Coast QLD

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