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Ask any Noosa local for a restaurant recommendation and Bistro C will get a rave. It’s one of those rare places where every element gets five stars. The location – beachfront on Hastings Street with arguably one of the most beautiful views on the planet. The food – fresh, flavourful, satisfying, contemporary and always evolving. The atmosphere – sophisticated, yes casual with that relaxed beachy vibe you come to expect in Noosa.

The Bride’s Tree team have been big fans for a long time, so we wanted to learn more about Bistro C and just how they manage to seamlessly run one of the region’s most successful restaurants and wedding venues. We spoke with Chloe Banks, who works in the family business with her mum and Bistro C owner, Lorri, and sisters Cassie and Hayley. 

Chloe Banks Bistro C

Bistro C is one of Noosa’s most popular restaurants on the famous Hastings Street. What do you think keeps the locals coming back?  

We’ve always prided ourselves on several things. Friendly fast service, consistency and innovation. Oh, and the view may help!

Tell us about your food.  

Our menus feature local seasonal produce our region has to offer and our meals are creative, but not arrogant. We have always tried to offer menus that are simple in their own flavours. Dayle Merlo, our executive chef for 20 years, and my mum and owner, Lorri, work very closely together in creating new and exciting dishes every menu change.

Do you have a signature dish?  

Definitely – Our Famous Calamari served with sweet chilli sauce and our Seafood Spaghetti, other wise known as our “pans”.

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One thing I always order when I come up for dinner is one of your delicious espresso martinis. Your bar staff sure know where it’s at. Which cocktail do you think is the best on the menu?  

My personal favourite is the Chilli and Coconut Margarita, however I have to be honest there is nothing better than one of our Mango Daiquiris with the calamari and a rocket salad on a hot summer’s day.

Chloe, I understand Bistro C is a family business. When your family gets together, do you all cook together?

Yes it is a family business and surprisingly we actually all work very well together, however I have to be honest, most of the cooking is done by mum, you just can’t beat her food, I don’t think I have ever had a bad meal that she has made. She does the best succulent pork roast with crispy pork crackling, soft potatoes that are cooked in chicken stock and parsley, roast pumpkin, parsnips, purple carrots and creamy cauliflower. It’s actually making me hungry thinking about it!
My sister’s favourite is her crumbed chicken, served with iceberg and cucumber salad and slow cooked potatoes. The secret ingredient though is the lemon and mayo she serves it with. I know it sounds simple, but her flavours and cooking is so spot on that she can make something so simple taste like heaven.

How was Bistro C born? And what does the “C” stand for?  

It’s funny, a lot of people ask what the C stands for. It’s bistro by the sea, ‘Bistro C‘. I believe it originated around 1998 when they felt Diloz’s needed a revamp, to modernise the restaurant to fit in with the look at the time. Mum has always been a big believer in keeping up-to-date – actually in front I should say – of current trends and fashions… It’s one of the many reasons that keep all our long-standing clients coming back. 

Go on, Chloe, make us jealous – what are you having for lunch today? 

Coconut chicken salad – snow pea tendrils, asian herbs, shredded womb, marinated tofu, cucumber, toasted cashews, crisp noodles, nuoc cham dressing.

What would you say to a bride and groom looking for a Noosa wedding venue with amazing food?  

Our weddings are spectacular, the venue and views speak for themselves.
Images by Megan Cullen, Nick Evans.
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