Blessing the Wedding Rings


Ring Ritual 4 

Today we have a very special guest blogger, Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, Kari, who has a special story to share about a unique wedding ring exchange ritual at one of the weddings she officiated. 

Wedding bands are of course valuable in themselves.  Yet they are made so much more precious by our wearing of them, by knowing who placed them on our fingers, on our wedding day, and what they represent.

Kerrie and Andrew’s rings are super special.  It began with their engagement in Florence, Italy. On their wedding day, to honour of the significance of wedding rings they asked to create a unique ring ritual. There were several elements that contributed to this unique ritual, each one chosen carefully for the meaning.

Element One: Water

The plan was to use water, the elixir of life.  On the wedding day, Kerrie was up in the cottage room before the wedding ceremony, she looked down over the Obi Obi Creek and had an idea. Voila! There was the water, made extra special because it was collected from right behind the ceremony platform.  In this way they honored this place, the sacredness of the creek and locality.

Ring Ritual 1

Element Two: Vessel

They needed a vessel, a bowl to place rose petals… Andrew had decided to go the full Scottish, and be married in his family tartan.  At the kilt shop, he spied a silver bowl, a celtic quaich (pronounced Kwek). A quaich is a Scottish welcome bowl, crafted by artisans and intricately decorated with celtic curls and swirls. Imagine arriving to a household in Scotland, coming in out of the freezing cold and being offered a silver bowl with a dram of warm Whiskey to warm body and soul. On the wedding day the sliver bowl welcomed the warmth of a wedding promise.


Element Three: Rose Petals

To celebrate their engagement, Kerrie and Andrew had planted a Montville Rose in their garden. It was the first thing they had planted together, and held great meaning for them. Recalling that occasion of humble celebration of their union, on their wedding day in honour of that rose and the French tradition of roses in weddings, they added handfuls of petals to the Quaich.    

Ring Ritual 3 

Element Four: Essential oils

 Essential oils have long been used for sacred ceremony. Once more Kerrie and Andrew found their own meaning, as the ring ritual evolved a step further.  They used special oil blends for joy and valour, for humility and compassion, for spice and passion.


Element Five: Friends

Into the bowl went much love and the best wishes of all the guests there.  Each guest had previously taken a moment to hold and bless the rings.  They arrived at the ring ceremony well warmed with love.

We blessed the rings, washing them in the fragrant water of the quaich, and personalising their wedding ritual. It was a truly joyous and fun ceremony.

 Ring Ritual 9

Photography: Marion Jonkers Photography | Celebrant and guest blogger: Kari – Warm-hearted Celebrant


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