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Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0201  A few years ago, in fact at the very same time this here blog was born, vintage was HUGE in weddings. You know it – we were stacking old books and suitcases like nobody’s business. This was the era that introduced the many many uses for mason jars, and saw the use of the terms “rustic”, “shabby-chic” and “vintage” overuse were only rivalled by the wild misuse of the word “literally”, which sadly still continues today. Oh yeah, I just let out a big sigh… It still gets me reeling every time someone tries to convince me their head has literally exploded. 

More recently clean modern styles have taken the place of vintage. However, I implore you to consider there are some vintage styles, which will never be out of place no matter where the trends travel, for they are truly classic. This glam bridal styling we created as a little extra treat at our recent beauty shoot for our Winter Edition of The Bride’s Tree online magazine has a 1920’s feel. The dress from Brisbane bridal boutique, When Freddie Met Lilly, is a distinctly vintage-inspired design. 

The dress was the inspiration for the whole vintage bridal fashion look, which came together with the help of some of our industry friends here on the Sunshine Coast. Emma Nayler Photography took these gorgeous photos of model, Ashlee. 

Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0206 Drop earrings featuring a little bling and a little class with teardrop pearls. Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0207 Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0212 Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0213 Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0216 This hair piece is actually a necklace we had bend to our whim for the purpose of the shoot. Hey, there are no rules in bridal fashion – whatever you need to do to achieve the look is A-OK. 


Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0224 A faux fur stole in white is glam… in black, it’s striking and takes this vintage look to another place. Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0226 Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0228 To counterbalance the striking bridal fashion choices, a subtle rosy makeup design with a hint of shimmer is perfect. Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0232 Emma Nayler_Beauty Shoot_0241

Photography: Emma Nayler Photography | Dress + stole: When Freddie Met Lilly | Jewellery: Cherrywood Designs | Hair: Sass & Niki’s Wedding Hair | Makeup: Boudoir Blush Beauty & Makeup | Model: Ashlee

Thank you for supporting our A-List Vendors, who made this shoot happen… 


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