Colourful Engagement Rings

If you're still on the search for your engagement ring, why not consider something a little different. While it is traditional for a groom-to-be to present his beloved with a ring featuring diamonds, many couples now choose the ring together. And nowadays, a diamond is not always the featured stone. 

Even some of the most traditional people in the world stray from the norm in the case of engagement rings. Royals the world over are trading white diamonds for truly inspiring gem choices. Take Princess Diana's engagement ring, which now happily resides on the ring of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Did you know she chose the 18-carat oval sapphire ring herself? Indeed, it's said she chose it because "it was the biggest." Well, why not? The impressive stone is also surronded by 14 brilliant cut diamonds and set in white gold. Simply blinding, and a beautiful choice. 

Sarah Ferguson, who was once the Duchess of York, was given an oval Burma ruby ring by her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, which he helped to design. It is also surrounded by diamonds – ten drop diamonds. Prince Andrew is said to have chosen the ruby to compliment Sarah's luscious red locks. Aww! Both Diana's and Fergie's rings came from Garrard Jewellers, the official royal jeweller of choice. 

Our own Australian Princess Mary, who married Prince Fredrik of Denmark, wears a stunning emerald cut diamond, flanked by two emerald cut rubies for her engagement ring. Not to be outdone, Prince Fredrick's brother, Prince Joachim, presented his French betrothed with a ruby, diamond and sapphire ring, which represents the colours of the French flag. 

Thinking outside the box and working with a jewellery designer will ensure you have a unique ring that holds special meaning for you, whether you stick with what has become tradition and go for a diamond, or steer away from the norm and choose another kind of precious stone. 

You can take a peek at all of these unique rings and more of the royal rocks of princess brides here

Pictured: Diamond and sapphire wedding band or engagement ring by Ethical Jewellery Australia, which uses diamonds and gemstones sourced only from ethically sound places, that have fair trade practices, where workers are well paid and enjoy a comfortable and safe workplace. Most come from Western Australia and Canada. 

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