DIY Bride Kit

Your wedding day will be one of the longest days of your life. Don't get me wrong, it will go by so fast you will wonder how it's suddenly all over, but it will actually be long in terms of the need to be appear "together" for so many hours in a row!

I'm not talking about together with your husband, it's a given you will be stuck together like glue, you little cuties. What I'm referring to is your own lovely self. It's your day to shine and no bad breath, busted button, fading lippie or fallen curl is going to stop you! Thanks to this awesome Bride's Kit by Oh Happy Day, that is. 

This awesome little box yeilds all sorts of power – namely, the power to provide you with the very thing you need to fix whatever may need fixing quickly so you can get back to being fabulous at your Sunshine Coast wedding! 

For full DIY instructions and photos, plus a free downloadable design you can make into a transfer using temporary tatoo paper (don't worry, they show you how!), visit Oh Happy Day, where all the super clever people live (not me… sadly, I have little to no DIY cleverness about me, but luckily the DIY instructions Oh Happy Day share are simple enough even for the craftily challenged, like me!)

What would you put in your Complete Official Bride's Kit For Getting Hitched Without a Hitch? Share in the comments below.

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