Engaged | Josie and Chris on the Beach


As fresh as the bright blue sky. 

When their engagement shoot with Matt Rowe Photography photography was scheduled, beautiful couple, Josie and Chris, decided to go ahead make it ultimately fabulous. The groom-to-be matched his suspenders with his future bride’s crimson gown in a super stylish fashion feat. 

Boho in style with plenty of colour to contrast with the natural Sunshine Coast beach setting and of course that brilliant horizon. 

matt-rowe-photography-3matt-rowe-photography-4She’s got a smile that it means to me, reminds me of childhood memories.josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-1 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-3 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-4  Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place.josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-5 matt-rowe-photography-11josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-6josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-8 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-9  If I stare too long, I’d probably break down and cry. josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-10 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-11 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-12 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-13 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-14 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-15 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-16 josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-17 matt-rowe-photography-36josie_chris_matt-rowe-photography-20matt-rowe-photography-31

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