Everything You Haven’t Thought of Yet for Your Wedding Ceremony

Today’s guest blogger, Noosa celebrant, Patricia Quinn, has been around enough wedding ceremonies in her time to possess some absolute gems of advice for brides-to-be. When it comes to handy little hints that could save you worry at your wedding ceremony, Patricia has thought of everything for you. 

Sun + Wind

If outdoors, check ceremony venue at a similar time of day for angle of the sun. Look at alternative options in case the weather is windy.


If you’re wearing a veil over your face, then your escort can lift it back before shaking the groom’s hand and kissing bride, then offering your hand to your groom. 

Bride’s Shoes

Practise walking on them at rehearsal to get used to them.

Bride’s Procession

Shoulders back, big smiles and pause, take your time. Acknowledge guests and your escort – there’s no rush!


Ask your readers if they would be kind enough to practise their readings a couple of times out loud before the ceremony.  (Most people speak too quickly, so ask them to slow it down.)

Using a Microphone

Always keep the microphone angled close to the mouth, speaking a little louder than normal when outdoors.


Try to angle each other’s hands to the camera when placing each other’s rings. The groom should place one hand under the yours and take enough time for a lovely photo. Same with ‘The Kiss’ – if you don’t get it right for the camera and remember, then you can always just do it again!


If a little tight, nerves and excitement can make them even tighter, so you can lubricate beforehand with a little soap or Vaseline. Don’t force it if it’s not behaving, just wiggle it on properly a bit later. Note: if receiving rings before placement, often the bride’s ring fits on groom’s curled little finger and groom’s ring fits on bride’s curled thumb.

Bride’s Bouquet

Hold just below the waist (much more flattering in photos.) Don’t forget to ask your bridesmaid or someone to give it back to you before the recession.

Little Children

If they are guests, try to get someone or something to entertain them. If in the wedding party and they get restless, just let them sit down with their family.


If using an iPod, make sure you have enough downloaded for pre-ceremony (at least half an hour) and signing (about five mins) plus post-ceremony. Rehearse bride’s procession and wedding party recession.

IMPORTANT: music should fade and stop just before ceremony begins. Be careful of devices sitting in full sun for a long time. If possible bring two in case one fails. If your device has a passcode – please don’t forget to share with your music person!

Hanky or Tissues

Bring along just in case of a few tears (of joy)!

Have Fun

Everything doesn’t have to be perfectly staged. Laugh if something goes wrong, what matters is having a great time! 

Photos by Lindy Photography

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