Finding Your Dream Wedding Venue Just Got Easier


Almost immediately after becoming engaged, the search for the perfect dream Sunshine Coast wedding venue commences. After all, the wedding of the year doesn’t happen in any old place, right? 

But, *sigh*, it ain’t easy. You want the right venue with the right vibe at the right price, and it has to be somewhere all your guests will rave about for years to come. This was supposed to be fun! 

If you’re at the point where all you want to do is sit down with a nice cup of tea and a Tim Tam, review all the facts like price, food style, maximum numbers, and whether or not they have a dance floor to fit all your friends, as well as your embarrassing relatives busting a move, then we got you, babe. 

You get that cuppa, you grab those Tim Tams (yeah, I know I wrote in the singular before – what a laugh! I think as a matter of national pride there’s a three Tim Tam minimum? Pretty sure I read that somewhere…), and get ready to check out all the very best Sunshine Coast Wedding Venues from the comfort of your couch. Our brand new ebook is super easy to navigate with all the details you need to finalise your shortlist. 

Babe, this is going to save you soooo much time! 

We know you only have limited time at work after work, so you can’t be trolling websites and making phone calls trying to find out the presence or lack of the nitty gritty must-haves you’ve already put your foot down on. You want to move on to dress shopping already, and stop reading countless reviews to make sure the venue you like it up to snuff, we know! 

That’s why we spent the past 12 months visiting venues, speaking with the owners and wedding coordinators, bombarding them with a ton of questions. We asked about everything we knew you would want to know about, and we put it all neat and snug in this one little ebook

Don’t book your wedding venue without this

Over the past five and a half years we’ve been running The Bride’s Tree we have really gotten to know the region and all of the venues extremely well. For our ebook, we chose only those we considered the absolute best in the Sunshine Coast region. 

Testing the food was the toughest part, by far… but we did that for you, friends. 

So before you put down a deposit on your wedding venue, grab out your must-haves checklist and go to town! 

Thanks for your support

Since the very beginning we have made every piece of content – every blog post, all of our 21 magazine editions to date, each piece of advice lovingly shared on our social media and one-on-one in emails – completely free to brides. 

This time we are charging a small amount for this valuable resource, as it has taken countless hours in research, writing, liaising, and designing, since we dreamed up this idea over 12 months ago. 

We have appreciated every bit of support you show us every single day, and all the times you’ve shared your wedding planning journey with us. We hope we can count on your support once more in making purchase of our Sunshine Coast’s Best Wedding Venues ebook. We so loved putting it together for you. 

Front cover image credit: Karena Nuttal Photographer


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