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When you first saw each other and your eyes met, you felt the beating of your heart quicken, your palms began to sweat, and your face flush. Butterflies in your tummy, you had your first awkward conversation, and let’s face it, there was probably an excruciating, “I carried a watermelon” moment or two, but you were elated. You begrudgingly walked away that first time, but turned for one last look and saw he was watching you go. As you shared one last smiling, knowing moment, you felt it – FIREWORKS.

That fireworks feeling is one you’ll invite back many times, but none will quite compare to the moment you’re officially called husband and wife. What a way to mark the moment than with actual real live fireworks at your wedding?

This is one sure fire way your wedding will go off with a literal bang and wow your guests. As we all know, there are rules and regulations and of course permits involved with having fireworks at your events, so it’s best to consult the pros. Plus, you know, safety. Nothing brings down a wedding celebration like the loss of fingers via shooting flame, am I right?

The good news is, there are some spectacular ways you can mark the occasion with a range of pyrotechnics. Experts in this very field, Fuse Pyrotechnics, say they have put together custom fireworks for weddings outdoors on land, water and rooftops.

Funny they specifically mention outdoors… it turns out there is such thing as INDOOR FIREWORKS. I’m sorry, what?! Indoor fireworks at your wedding? Well now I’ve heard everything. Talk about a “wow factor” centrepiece – tabletop fireworks fountains anybody? Oh, and if that’s not fancy-pants enough for you, perhaps you’d prefer a an INDOOR COMET.

Bride, Alison, was cutting loose on the dance floor at her wedding when she was instructed to go outside on the deck of her waterfront wedding. She was delighted to see a stunning fireworks display on her night of nights.

“The photographer got us to pose for a pic on the bottom deck and said ‘1,2,3…’ and instead of ‘smile’ he said, ‘Now turn around’, and at that moment fireworks went off. For a second I thought it was crazy lucky that somebody was having fireworks that very same night, right beside my wedding! It turns out my beautiful husband, Brenden, had actually arranged them himself as a surprise for me.” She said.

Meanwhile Brenden, the clever lad, has earned himself brownie points for life. Alison still raves about the romantic moment, “It was such a touching moment and one I’ll never forget. Best surprise ever.”

Fireworks at your wedding, what will they think of next?

Image from our Spring 2016 Magazine.

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