Four Weddings Star on the Sunshine Coast


Sunshine Coast bride Yolanda and her now husband, Sam Rangihuna, found themselves in the midst of a reality TV show at their Marcoola wedding last year. The pair were married at Surfair, Marcoola, in front of their 65 guests, plus three other brides, and a Channel Seven film crew as they were contestants on Four Weddings, playing for a five-star fantasy honeymoon.


If you haven’t seen the show, basically four brides-to-be, who don’t know each other, attend each others’ weddings and rate them out of five in several different areas. The wedding with the most points wins. It’s not always a fair fight, and unfortunately the first Sunshine Coast couple to be on the show didn’t win the main prize, (although just quietly, we think they should have!) The Bride’s Tree caught up with the lovely and humble, Yolanda, to find out about the experience.


TBT: How did you come to be one of the brides on Four Weddings?

YR: I filled out an application on the Friday afternoon, not thinking at all that I would be chosen. I received a call on the Monday asking if I would be home all day as they were sending a producer out to have a chat. That was when I had to spill the beans to my extremely shy fiance that we may be on Four Weddings, I think the reason he agreed to it was that it all happened so fast and we really didn't get a chance to think it through! I had a phone call from Channel Seven on Wednesday asking if I could fly down to New South Wales the next day for the meet and greet and the first wedding. So the application process was a total whirlwind, and with two children and an apprehensive fiance, six weeks out from our own wedding, it was very stressful.  


TBT:  What did you learn about wedding planning seeing all of the very varying weddings of the four contestants?

YR: When you are planning your own wedding you become obsessed with ideas and things to do or not to do on your own day. I think going to three other weddings just before mine was great for this reason. I think the day should reflect your own personality, and therefore there are always going to be weddings that are not your cup of tea. I am still a bit wedding obsessed, it was just so amazing seeing all your hard work come together. I think talking to each of your suppliers is very important and I think you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a tasteful and enjoyable day. The main thing is that you enjoy every minute of it as it goes so fast!

TBT:  What did your now husband think of the idea of going on the show? Did he need to be coaxed into it at all?

YR: Sam needed to be coaxed big time as he is a quiet and shy person until he is comfortable. He did so amazing with all the cameras and being filmed whilst surfing. It’s great to know he will support my decisions, although I have been told no more TV programs! 


TBT: On your wedding day, did you have the competition on your mind throughout the day and night?

YR: We both truly felt like we were in our own little bubble during the ceremony, and the reception was so much fun, the competition was the last thing on our minds. I don't remember seeing any cameras, although I know they were there, because they are in our photos! It really didn't stop us from having the most amazing day and we didn't change anything because of the program, it was totally us and we had a ball. Because we were the last wedding, we had to wake up the next morning and go to a location to announce the winner, so I know the competition would have been playing on the other contestants minds! 

TBT:  What was the reaction by your guests about the television show being involved in your wedding day? Did you forewarn your guests the television cameras would be there?

YR: We felt we had to let people know beforehand that we would be on the program, a couple of guests were a bit apprehensive, although we had no-one pull out the last minute, thank goodness! Everyone commented that they forgot the cameras were there. 


TBT: Overall, did you and your husband enjoy the Four Weddings experience?

YR: Being on four weddings was definitely an experience, I wont say that we would jump at the chance again but it was definitely a bit of fun and we said right from the start that the main thing is that we enjoy our special day, and we did!!    

Beautiful makeup by Kylie Jane from KJ Artistry

The Bride's Tree asked Kylie from KJ Artistry what she thought of the whole experience and here is what she had to say:

"Yolanda booked me through the working relationship that I have with Pure Hair @ Town of Seaside, as they refer me for weddings & formals etc.

I was incredibly excited when we found out it would be televised! So much so, that whilst rebranding had been on my mind for a while, we made the change before this wedding, incase any of our logo's etc were captured on TV.

I definatley think she should have won, and not because I was biased, but because her wedding was actually the nicest of them all".


Wedding Supplier Details 

Bridal gown and accessories: Elizabeth De Varga

Shoes: Suna Shoes

Bridesmaids' accessories: Diva

Groom and groomsmens' suit and shoes: Roger David

Photographer: Nikki Blades

Florist: Buderim Floral Art 

Cake: Mary Brown

Bombonnieres: Pink Frosting and Darrell Lea 

Makeup Artist: KJ Artistry 

Hair Stylist: Pure Hair, Town of Seaside

Decorators: Splash Events

Celebrant:Stephanie Neal

Guestbook: Digi Diary – We had a digital guestbook which was a fantastic idea for guests to leave a short video message. 


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