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When you wake up each day on your honeymoon and sit down for breakfast with your new husband, what kind of view will you gaze upon? The famous white peaks and calm waters of Santorini, Greece? The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris? Sunny skies and famous ocean waves of Noosa? Let’s see if we can find your dream in these Airbnb honeymoon ideas. 

Airbnb, in my opinion, is one of the best things to happen to world travel. Personally, I don’t love feeling like a tourist when I travel. To me, immersing into the local culture and taking in the feeling of living in a new place, even if only for a few days, feeds my imagination. Hotels don’t give that feeling the way staying in a house or villa can.  

The ease of Airbnb is another attractive feature – you peruse all listings, book and interact with your host online. It can also be a whole ton cheaper to book an Airbnb home rather than going through the traditional channels of hotel booking sites. 

I’ve had a whole ton of fun searching the whole world for some Airbnb honeymoon ideas with privacy, luxury and romance in mind. I’ve carefully selected homes with overwhelmingly positive reviews, which can only be supplied by people who have genuinely stayed in the homes. All of these homes and their hosts sound wonderful. 

But hey, this might just be a jumping off point for you to find your dream honeymoon. The world is your oyster, and I highly recommend diving into Airbnb and finding the best place for you to start your marriage in romantic bliss. 

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The trouble you might find with this one-bedroom villa in Santorini is finding any motivation to set foot outside your oasis built for two. Taking a little dip in the spa looking out over the most incredible view of all of those white peaks and the calm water horizon will surely take up a considerable amount of your holiday time each day. This is the dream, isn’t it? Waking up to peek outside the sweet little white-curtained window to that famous sight. Ah… can it be topped? 

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For Australians, honeymooning in Bali just makes sense. It’s close, it’s cheap, we love the warm weather it offers, and of course it’s beautiful.

An architecturally designed treasure in secluded location, accessible only by scooter (fun!), yet only minutes from Ubud. This villa has all the necessary elements for a relaxing balinese honeymoon – four poster bed with romantic draping curtains, multiple day beds, indoor/outdoor shower, and breakfast nook. You will also enjoy your own pool with dense garden providing complete privacy. Did someone say skinny dipping? 

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Romantic Airbnb Apartment


Live out that Upper East Side fantasy you’ve been harbouring since the Sex and The City Days in this studio apartment fit for any Carrie-type (with a hint of Charlotte, I reckon.) There is a sweet little kitchen to whip up a meal to share in bed, or you know, to use the oven for storage or something. 

On the same block as famous Madison Avenue, shopping is sorted, and you’re only two blocks from Central Park. Close by are plenty of cafes, restaurants and museums to get your cultural hit, too. 

As I look at the writer’s desk complete with lace curtained window outlook, I can’t help but wonder, “Why the heck haven’t I booked this already?!” 

Noosa honeymoon _ Noosa Airbnb _ Honeymoon ideas _ The Bride's Tree


If you’re wanting to make the most of your Sunshine Coast wedding by extending your stay to make it your honeymoon, well that’s a brilliant idea. Noosa has so much to offer – the world’s most beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants, nature exploration and tons of retail shopping experiences to be had. 

This villa at Marcus Beach has capacity to invite your friends to stay for the honeymoon, or kick them out after the wedding and enjoy the indoor pool and insane ocean views from every window all to yourselves. 

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And finally, there is no talk of honeymoon ideas that doesn’t include the possibility of Paris. For romance, it simply cannot be beaten. Getting lost wandering the streets of Paris, popping in to the odd pattiserie or cafe for sustenance. Living on macarons, coffee, cheese and chocolate… I mean, could it get any better? 

Drinking in the Parisian architecture is an activity in itself, though the famous attractions of the Louvre, Versailles, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and of course the Eiffel Tower are a must.

Breakfast with an Eiffel Tower view at this price is absolutely incredible, making the dream more likely to become a reality. 


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