How to Be a Sentimental Bride

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Bride, Dythea, is one sentimental lass. She has had her mum’s dried wedding flower crown hanging in her bedroom for years. So of course when it came to her own wedding, a flower crown was an absolute must. Knowing of this sweet sentimentality, Sunshine Coast wedding florist, Cat, from Woods & Bloom, made sure she utilised flowers that would dry and keep well, so Dythea’s crown could join her mum’s.

Dythea and her now husband, Travis, planned for their chapel wedding to have a relaxed boho style and lots of family elements to play to the bride’s sentimentality. Dythea even wore her mother’s wedding dress, which she had tailored to fit. 

Images by Marinell Photography

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In keeping with Dythea’s boho bridal feel, more family elements were incorporated into the floral designs. From her mother’s garden came the  ceremony arch and foliage. Marinell Photography_Travis & Dythea_Blog_013 Marinell Photography_Travis & Dythea_Blog_015 Marinell Photography_Travis & Dythea_Blog_053

Dythea’s flower crown was made using blooms that would dry beautifully, so hers could be displayed beside her mother’s, which she has kept for many years. So sweet! 

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Knowing the bride’s sentimental nature, Cat from Woods & Bloom tied her bouquet with very special vintage ribbons with the idea that Dythea could make a cushion or other keepsake from them. 

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Boho bride, Dythea, and her bridesmaids were prettied up by Allure Bridal Stylists on makeup, and Coastal Style Mobile Hairdressing on hair. 

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The couple travelled in style to the famous One Tree Hill in Maleny in this amazing turquoise kombi from Old Skool Kombis

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