How to write your own wedding vows

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It’s becoming more and more common for couples to move away from the traditional wedding vows and opt to write their own personal vows. However, it can be more complicated to write your own vows than you think. Many people know how they feel about their partner, but actually putting it into words is a tough task.

Mr & Mrs Celebrant, have put together some helpful tips on how to write your own vows, so you can make sure you say exactly how you feel and make an incredibly romantic and memorable ceremony.

What sort of ceremony is right for you

Firstly decide on the type of ceremony you want. Your celebrant can help you with this, making sure you cover all the right aspects of a marriage ceremony, but also keeping it personal. You may decide you want it to be sentimental with a touch of humour, or über romantic and soppy. Think about your personalities and how you are as a couple for inspiration.

Separate vows?

For vows to really resonate on your big day it’s important you and your partner are singing off the same hymn sheet. Before you put pen to paper, take a little time to work out if you want completely separate vows or you want a set of unified vows where you recite the same words back to each other.


It’s also important that both sets of vows have a consistent structure. If you start by talking about each other, how you met, when you first realised you were in love and how great you are as a couple. This gives a great basis for the vows and will allow you to develop on those feelings when it comes to pledging your lives to one another.

Think about the future

It’s also good to think about the life you have together and the common goals you want to achieve, as well as what you both want to give each other for the future, besides undying love of course. Think of the promises you want to make as a couple and what will make you both happy in marriage. You can also make it extra special and personal by including experiences you have had together or times you’ve really had to pull together as a couple.

And finally, try to keep your vows short and sweet, not only because it’s less to remember, but sometimes when it comes to love less is more. A succinct and touching account of your love and promises can have more resonance with you and your guests.

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