Lorinda Rogers: My Fave Cakes of 2014

Who doesn’t love cake? Nobody is the answer, although obviously this was a rhetorical question. Anyone with a beating heart loves cake, I’m quite certain it’s a scientific fact. An if it’s not, it ought to be, am I right ladies? 

You know who loves cake even more than your typical warm-blooded human? Lorinda, the amazing talent and creative mind behind one of the Sunshine Coast’s most sought-after wedding cake decorating names, Ideas in Icing. Lorinda honestly is an ideas woman, and has created some of the most unique wedding cakes we’ve ever seen

We asked Lorinda to share with us just five of her fave wedding cakes from the past year… 

Number One

“I created this cake for a wedding feature in Sweet Magazine. I was given a colour (silver) and a flower (gardenia) and was told to create a wedding cake. I used a wedding dress that she found on Pinterest as her inspiration for the ruffles but turned them upside down so that the pleating effect was more visible and dipped the edges in silver glitter. The gardeniers are a symbol of love, purity and joy which makes them perfect for a weddiing.”

Photos by First Class Wedding Photography


Number Two 

“This cake was created for a wedding inspiration shoot. It is a naked cake which are very popular at the moment. The cake itself was red velvet and it was iced in buttercream which has been scraped back to give a nice rustic effect. A funny story that goes with this cake was that during the day, someone accidently over balanced the cake table and the cake fell off and rolled down the hill. Consequently, photos from earlier in the day show it as a three tier and then it became a two tier in the afternoon.”

Photos by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer


Number Three 

was a classic wedding cake design that we have made many times over the years. It has sugar flowers on top, quilting, lace and sugar stripes. What makes this cake really interesting (and one of our favourites of the year) is the LED lighting effect. The groom was a lighting enthusiast and he actually custom made and wired up a special stand for the cake. This was certainly a first for us.

Photo by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer

Number Four

“I love this gold-striped cake. Gold is very popular for wedding cakes at the moment and I just loves the classic clean lines on this cake, offset with an oversized sugar rose.”


Number Five 

“Last, but not least, a very colourful cake. The couple actually used an old cake of ours as inspiration. They also provided us with the logo idea for the bottom tier.”

Take a peek at some more of Lorinda’s amazing wedding cake creations! Try not to drool… 

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