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Niki Taylor has been running her wedding hair styling business, Sass & Niki’s Wedding Hair,  for 13 years now. Looking after brides on their wedding day is something she absolutely loves doing, and takes a huge amount of pride in.
As a Sunshine Coast wedding hair stylist, Niki has specialised in wedding styling since kicking off her business, but before this she worked in a creative hairdressing and styling team where Runway and Education events were the focus, which saw her gaining all the necessary creative skills and drive to start her own business.
Niki is a longtime Sunshine Coast local, mother of two and wife, who is bossing it in her field, setting the standard for wedding hair goals. I caught up with Niki to find out more about her life as a Sunshine Coast wedding hair stylist. 
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Niki, take us through a typical wedding day for you as a wedding hair stylist. 

5am – I wake early everyday and I make the coffee. Then I like to check my emails because I cant concentrate until I know I’m on top of everything!
6am – hair and make up, dressed and ready to get out the door
7:30- 8am – Most weddings will be starting around this time slot. I always like to look after the bridesmaids first, so that they are available to look after anything the bride needs in the final times pre-wedding
11am – Mothers and Mothers in Law
12pm The Bride’s turn! By now we are a 3 hours out from ceremony time. I like to style the bride last, so she is all fresh for the photographer’s arrival and can now just relax, know all that needs to be done is done, and put on her dress!
I love to talk to my bride about how she met her husband-to-be, and her honeymoon location. I always feel my brides are relaxed during their time with me chatting about their love.
1pm – We put in the veil and our bride is complete! I usually stay around for a little while and make sure my bride is calm, and if I can help do anything. ( I always like to take a few sneaky pictures, too!)
3-4pm home for more emails and repack my kit for the next day’s weddings!
After 5pm I do try to finish up and focus on family for the evening.

lucyandtom-46Sunshine Coast Wedding Hair Stylist Sass & Niki Wedding Hair What’s trending in Sunshine Coast weddings at the moment? 

There are a lot of elopements this year and next – more than ever before here on the coast! I think we will continue to see hairstyling be effortlessly beautiful. Hair knots and chignons are always classic with ponytails being a real flavour for 2020 and 2021.

What is one unique service or offering or element that makes your business stand out from the crowd?

I think my hairstyling is modern + relaxed and is quite distinctive if it was in a line up. I really lean into a more editorial bridal hair vibe for my clients! Also I am exclusive and only ever look after one wedding on each date, most of my brides comment on this in their booking forms as a reason they have chosen my service. They love that they get to know me during the months prior and by the wedding day its like we are old friends.

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What do your happy clients always say after having worked with you?

My clients do always comment that their hair has lasted all night! A big comment that always comes through is my curls don’t drop out, and my up styling is romantic and soft.
A lot of my brides reviews say how professional I am… and nice! But, to be honest, it really just comes from I truly adore what I do! Every wedding and every bride means the world to me, I always put in 110%. 

Prior to working in the wedding industry, what did you do? 

Before I worked in the wedding industry, I worked as a stylist and hairdresser for many years for a salon with a creative team that worked in Runway and Educational events. It was a super fun and creative time in my life, and flowed onto creating my own business in the wedding industry so perfectly.

You have a completely free day to hang out on the Sunshine Coast. Get out about! Where are you going, what are you doing and who are you with?

I love summertime at the beach with a great book ,or the latest Vogue, relaxing. I have teenage children, who are either surfing or skating, so for now, while I’m cool enough to, still love to hang with them at every opportunity! Then in my perfect dream day – lunch with a glass of wine in Noosa at one of my fave spots! Finished with sunset swims and a BBQ poolside back at home!
Sunshine Coast Wedding Hair Stylist Sass & Niki Wedding Hair


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