9 Tips for Your Best Wedding Day Skin

Saya2016_OrganicRange_22062016_RJP_0695 (1)Ladies, it’s time to put your best face forward. Leading up to your wedding day, making headway towards your best skin ever has just been made infinitely more achievable with these tips from the folks at Organic Skin Care range, Saya. Created right here on the Sunshine Coast, this luxe plant-based animal-friendly range has some delicious products and we have some to give away to one lucky reader. Entry details below, but first – Saya’s got you sorted with some fantastic advice for looking after your skin.

1. Give your skin time

If you were trying to get your body in shape you wouldn’t expect results overnight. Your skin is no different. It takes time for it to adjust to a new regime, so getting ready for the big day should start early – at least three months prior start by cleaning up your diet and implementing the following skincare routine…

2. Cleanse: Twice Daily

Cleansing removes all impurities and makeup remnants from your skin, leaving it clean and refined. Make it part of your daily routine to cleanse morning, night and after any exercise to free up your pores. Remove all makeup and then wash your face, neck and décolletage with a cleanser that best suits your skin. If you are on the more dry side opt for a lotion, if you are normal to combination use a foaming cleanser; we create ours with Kakadu plum to both hydrate and balance skin tone.

3. Moisturise: Twice Daily

Apply a good moisturiser at least twice a day. Look out for a moisturiser that includes natural antioxidant properties and that help retain lasting moisture. Don’t forget to moisturise your body as well, giving extra attention to areas that are excessively dry, like elbows, knees, feet and hands. Opting for a natural body oil over a lotion will also give you an instant natural glow, perfect for the wedding day.

4. Add a Serum

Go that extra step with hydration by adding a face serum to your daily moisturising routine. A good face serum will use a potent blend of natural active ingredients to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate. They rapidly absorb into the skin and can restore suppleness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and leave your skin feeling soft and luminous.

5. Add an Oil

Oils give your skin instant nourishment and a dewy radiant glow. Select the right oil for your skin type. Rosehip oil is great for dry and mature skin types while Argan oil is ideal for all skin especially normal and combination.


6. Exfoliate: 3x A Week

If you want your face to glow, exfoliate! Exfoliating at least three times per week will make it brighter and softer so you’ve got the perfect natural radiance by the time you’re walking down the aisle. When you exfoliate you buff away dry, dead cells to reveal the fresh cells underneath. As we age, cell turnover slows down and your skin can start to look dull. By exfoliating regularly you are stimulating this process and promoting collagen production. Try opt for a natural exfoliant, avoiding synthetic microbeads, which are terrible for the environment.

7. Facials: Weekly

Facials give your skin a deep clean, promoting a healthy complexion, enhancing glow, refining texture and encouraging smoothness. At least three months prior to the wedding commence weekly facials. If you’re doing them yourself (let’s face it, weekly spa treatments may not be in your big day budget) here are the steps you should take…

CLEANSE | Remove all makeup and then wash your face, neck and décolletage with a cleanser that best suits your skin.
EXFOLIATE | Using your fingers tip gently rub an exfoliating facial scrub in small circular motions all over your face, neck décolletage and don’t forget your lips. Rinse and repeat but the second time leave the exfoliant on and steam your face to allow the properties from the exfoliant to do an even more thorough clean.
STEAM | To steam your face, fill your sink or a bowl with warm water, lean over the water and drape a towel over your head so that the steam doesn’t escape. Do this for a minute then rinse with lukewarm water. Note, don’t use boiling water to steam as it’s easy to burn the sensitive skin on your face.
MASK | You can pre-buy masks or make one yourself for your skin type. Depending on the mask, leave it on for the suggested amount of time and then rinse completely. Usually leaving them on for up to 10 minutes and removing using a face cloth is best.
HYDRATE | Once you have removed your mask gently apply a serum or oil and/or moisturiser over your face, neck and décolletage.

8. Face Masks

Aside from making you really feel like you’re pampering yourself, adding a face mask to your weekly facial routine will draw out impurities that hide beneath the top layers of the epidermis. If you can’t make it to the spa, here are some DIY Face Masks:

ILLUMINATING MASK |  1. Mash one half of a banana and 2 tablespoon scoops of Papaya. Mix in a tablespoon of Lime juice and a tablespoon of honey. Apply to the face and keep the mixture on for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and then moisturise

TREATING ACNE + PIMPLES | Wash and grind a few mint leaves add ½ tsp of French green clay 1 tsp water and make a smooth paste. Apply all over your face and leave for 15mins.

HYDRATING + EXFOLIATING |  6 fresh strawberries, 3 tablespoons honey, 1 tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil. Apply all over your face and leave for 15mins.

NOURISHING FOR DRY SKIN |  Mash avocado, 1tbs greek natural yogurt, 2 drops argan oil: apply to skin and leave for 20mins then rinse with water.

9. Look after yourself.

The healthier you are on the inside, the healthier you will look. Your skin will thank you for implementing these simple routines…

SLEEP | Pre-wedding jitters can make for a bad night sleep, however getting your full 8 hours in during the months prior will hugely minimise the risk of bags.
EXERCISE | Get used to going to bed a little earlier and waking up a little earlier to go do some exercise. Exercise is so good for your body both physically and mentally and is great for reducing stress.
KEEP HYDRATED | One essential way to clean and glowing skin is to make sure you’re having plenty of water. In addition, you can also have coconut water and cold pressed vegetable juices.

Saya 1 We know you want your best skin of life on your wedding day, and for your honeymoon to follow… I mean, who wants to be covering up imperfections when you have lazing by the pool to get done? Our friends at Saya Skincare have generously donated an awesome skincare pack to giveaway to one lucky reader.


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