Pinboard Love: Lu Lu Letterpress

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Anyone else have a paper products addiction? There is a chance I may soon need an intervention. The number many yet-to-be-used pretty notebooks I have in my office drawer are creeping up to the dozens. I can’t get enough of running my hands over those sweet, sweet pages of crisp delight. 

Considering my creepy obsession, you can imagine my excitement when we recently welcomed local Sunshine Coast stationery designerLu Lu Letterpress into the fold here at The Bride’s Tree. If there is one thing that gets me more excited than a new notebook, a new season of Orphan Black on Netflix, and a new flavour of Tim Tams combined, it’s a boutique stationery designer offering letterpress invitations and stationery suites. 

Letterpress printing requires great attention to detail, with each colour requiring a separate press and has therefore been widely superseded by digital printing methods. Designer, Sophie, says it is a labour of love, but the final printed piece is a beauty to behold. Oh yes, m’lady, it sure is. 

Today we have a whole Pinboard gallery of stationery stills for you to devour. Then just close your eyes and imagine running your hands over every little letterpress groove… Okay, I get how this sounds. I’m going to stop now before I come home to find a collection of loved ones in my living room, toting prepared speeches on iPads (incase palm cards get me too riled up) and my best interests at heart. Then they take me away to endure the controversial, but effective, Paper Cut Therapy I deserve… 

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