The perils of happy tears on your wedding day morning

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Your flowers arrive. You cry. Your Dad sees you in your dress for the first time. You both cry. You read out the letter your almost husband sends as a surprise. Everybody cries. These moments are beautiful expressions of emotion on this most wonderful day… but will your makeup be ruined? Expert on wedding day mornings and Sunshine Coast wedding makeup artist, Jenna Turner, says no siree bob. 

Jenna, you get to be one of the first people to see a bride on her big day. What’s that like?

It’s really exciting. I love being able to share the hours leading up to my clients weddings with them. Generally I have been communicating with my brides for quite some time so to see everything come together is always an exciting time.

You must see a full range of emotions throughout the wedding day morning…! 

Yeah I really do! That’s why it is so important to be able to stay calm no matter what is happening around you. People often rely on their makeup artist to do a lot more than just makeup! 

What are the typical wedding morning moments that usually set the bride off in buckets of tears?

There are so many things to get emotional about on your wedding day! The biggest ones are when the brides family members arrive or if the groom writes them a letter to read before the wedding. Generally if someone else starts to cry the bride will end up in tears – happy tears of course!

Do you ever find yourself shedding a tear? (Of course we know you would only cry pretty tears!) 

I should be thanking my lucky stars that I only shed pretty tears! I am such an emotional person and I tend to cry when I’m happy. So yes I definitely find myself shedding a tear more often than not! 

Scenario: you’ve just finished a full face of beautiful makeup. Everything is perfect. The flowers arrive, and they are so stunning, the bride bursts into tears. What do you do? 

I let her cry, it’s her wedding – tears are bound to happen! Once she has cried as much as she needs to I go back in and retouch where necessary. It’s just makeup, I can fix it!

What advice do you give to clients, who are criers, before they jump out of your makeup chair and head off to a day of heightened emotions?

I always tell me brides that I am using water proof mascara so that they don’t have to worry they will end up with it running down their face. The most important piece of advice that I give my brides is that if you cry, don’t dab (or wipe) you tears off with a tissue if they end up running down your face, let them dry by themselves. It sounds extremely strange to most people but if you dab them it will end up leaving streaks in your makeup.

Now, tell us about this beautiful happy (tears free!) bride in these photos today. What kind of makeup design did you do for her wedding day makeup? 

Camille wanted to look like herself so I emphasised her gorgeous brown eyes with a subtle, warm toned smokey eye. I paired this with lovely fresh skin and a soft pink lip just to emphasise Camille’s natural lip colour.

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Images: Calli B Photography | Makeup: Jenna Turner Makeup Artistry | Hair: The Glamor Room | Flowers: Suncoast Flowers | Location: Point Cartwright

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