The Pros You MUST Meet This Weekend at A Village Wedding Expo

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As you must know by now, the hinterland is having its event of the year this weekend. A Village Wedding Expo will be host to a whole tribe of local wedding professionals. We decided to put together a short list of people we know you will want to make sure you talk to on Sunday, and perhaps make them part of your own personal wedding tribe. 

Time to meet our friends… 

Tanya Chesterton Smith 

Tanya Chesterton-Smith

Profession: Photographer

Business name: Chesterton Smith Photography


Why we love her

Tanya knows all the best spots on the Sunshine Coast to capture beautiful images, and she always has her camera trained just right to capture the big moments, the small, but important, moments, and the unexpected moments you want to remember, too. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Tanya without a welcoming smile on her face, and having been a bridesmaid for a wedding she photographed and having worked with her on photo shoots and weddings since, in my experience this is one wedding pro, who gets it right every time, always with a humble elegance. Tanya possesses an easy-going personality, and talent in spades – what’s not to love? 

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Chesterton Sm 70

If you’re looking for a great deal on your wedding photography, to celebrate being in the biz for 15 years, Chesterton Smith Photography is offering 15% off wedding photography packages booked before 31st July, 2016. Chat with Tanya at the Expo for further details on this great offer. 



Natalie Hunter MUA

Natalie Hunter

Profession: Makeup Artist

Business name: Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist 


Why we love her

I honestly don’t know whether her work or her personality should come first in the things we love most about Nat. I guess we will have to settle for an equal first on that one! You know those people, who just make you feel great every single time you spend time in their presence? That’s Natalie. She emanates a calmness that reaches out and grabs hold of you, and you even get to take it with you when you leave. Who doesn’t like a little take away good vibes? And on a professional note, well her work speaks for itself really. I mean, just look…


Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist is one of the Sunshine Coast’s most sought after in her field, so if you want to bag her for your wedding day, I suggest you seek her out this weekend and ask her to check her calendar for availability on your wedding date! 


Sandi Shankster Willow Bud

Sandi Shankster

Profession: Florist

Business name: Willow Bud


Why we love her

The real question is, what’s not to love? Sandi is not only a bloody amazing florist with creativity and skill to spare, she’s also a seriously fun person to be around. Sandi is a straight shooter, who is nothing if not authentic – both as a person, and in her business. Rarely would someone have a consultation with Sandi and not come away counting down the days till their wedding, just to see the stunning creations she comes up with. Of course constructing the perfect bouquet is second nature for Sandi, but where she really shines is when she’s commissioned to make stand-out installations. I’ve seen her create overflowing arches, 8-foot tall wall features, centrepieces that dreams are made of, and even giant chandeliers – all from fresh flowers. I honestly don’t know how she does it! 

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If you have big dreams for your wedding flower arrangements, then you need to talk to Sandi from Willow Bud about making them a reality. The girl can do anything with flowers! 


Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe

Profession: Photographer

Business name: Matt Rowe Photography


Why we love him

Matt is a true artist. In the way he approaches his photography, and the results his careful consideration and artistic eye produces. Every bride and groom we have ever heard feedback from says the same thing – the bridal party photo shoot was one of the most fun parts of the whole day, because of Matt’s unobtrusive approach, and ability to make everyone enjoy the process and feel at ease. 

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Matt Rowe-63

If you want wedding photography that’s wall art worthy, be sure to strike up a conversation with Matt Rowe at the Expo. You are guaranteed to be impressed by his local knowledge and easy nature – you’ll make a new mate if nothing else. 


Village wedding expo


Bill Scurry

Bill Scurry

Profession: Celebrant

Business name: Bill Scurry Marriage Celebrant


Why we love him

At first glance, you might think Bill is a mild-mannered gentleman, and you’d be right, he sure is. He’s also a consummate professional with wedding officiating experience that spans longer than my lifetime. However, what we really dig about Bill is his ability to deliver a well-timed quip that leaves you in stitches, especially as it’s usually accompanied by a straight face – only with an unmistakable twinkle in his eye. Someone who loves life this much is someone you want at your wedding. 

Bill Scurry Marriage Celebrant

Bill Scurry still remembers the first wedding he officiated back in 1978, and he’ll happily share some stories with you as well as his wealth of knowledge and experience in weddings when you meet him this weekend at the expo. 


Evalyn Parsons Hair

Evalyn Parsons

Profession: Hair stylist + Hairdresser 

Business name: Evalyn Parsons Hair


Why we love her

When it comes to the Sunshine Coast wedding industry, there is not a single person more talented in their field than Evalyn. It really doesn’t matter what kind of hair style you want – I can guarantee you, Evalyn knows how to make it work. Think your hair is too thin? Too thick? Too short? I doubt it; I’ve personally witnessed Evalyn do things with hair akin to pulling a rabbit out of a hat. A hair styling magician is pretty darn accurate, to be honest! Evalyn and her styling team are always ultimate professionals, super efficient and all-round lovely people to have around on your wedding morning, as well. 

Evalyn Parsons Hair_ A Village Wedding expo

If it’s that classic chignon, perfectly oversized bun, relaxed asymmetrical messy-not-messy style, boho braids, hollywood curls, wild carefree curls – Evalyn and her team can do it all, so make sure you ask her to check her availability for your wedding day, and keep your fingers crossed! 


Jennifer Oliphant

Jennifer Oliphant

Profession: Photographer

Business name: Jennifer Oliphant Photographer


Why we love her

Jen takes consistently beeyootiful photos, and we’ve yet to fault her. She has that certain thing that only the best photographers have, which I don’t quite understand, I only know that it results in images that make you sigh. Opening up my emails to find a submission from this lovely lady always results in a little desk chair dancing with glee, and sometimes falling into a prettiness coma, so I can only imagine how brides and grooms feel when they receive their wedding day images! 


Jennifer Oliphant-Kylie&James039

Go straight to Jennifer Oliphant Photographer, do not pass Go. Only collect cake samples on the way. 


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