Twinkle Toes Cory

Mrs Jenny Cooper is usually the one working behind the scenes of The Bride’s Tree blog. While she is the one who puts together all of our awesome Inspiration Boards, I (Sally) am the one who writes the words. However, I’m feeling a bit lazy today, so I’m taking Sunday off and letting Jen share a story from her own Sunshine Coast wedding! Here she shares her experience with working out her bridal waltz with her now husband, Cory. 


Photo by Tanya Chesterton Smith

“I absolutely love that brides and grooms are putting a lot of thought into their bridal dance these days.  Your first dance as newly weds can be anything from a classic waltz, right through to a fully choreographed, jaw dropping routine which will take your guests by complete surprise.  Either way, make sure you have a lot of fun in the planning.

I always considered myself as quite the groover with all the moves, however when it came to my wedding dance, I had nothing, and I didn’t even know where to start.  I knew the song had to be sung by the other love of my life – Michael Buble – so we chose his beautiful, romantic song, Everything

So I had my song picked and now I just had to work out how not to let my fiancé, Cory embarrass us on our wedding day by fumbling all over the dance floor on the night.  More than anything, I really wanted to wow my wedding guests with the best bridal dance they had ever seen, and that’s when I came across Michelle from Dance Direct Australia.   Michelle uniquely choreographs routines for couples and has even choreographed routines for the stars from Channel 7’s Dancing with the Stars.

I knew my partner would never willingly sign up for dance lessons at a studio, so I was even more excited to hear that we could do her private dance lessons from the comfort of our own home at a time that suited our busy lifestyle. 

Michelle really took the time to get to know us and took us through a few dance steps to ascertain our capabilities before cleverly choreographing a completely unique, fun bridal dance routine, designed especially for us.  Although my partner had two left feet, I knew I would pick our routine up quick as a flash… Or so I thought. It turned out that Cory was actually a better dancer than me!  I couldn’t believe it, Michelle was such a great instructor that Cory was showing me up!  We had six lessons in total before we became masters of the dance floor and were ready to wow our audience.

It has been four years since our wedding and needless to say, our guests are still talking about how incredible our bridal dance was and the best part for us was that we had so much fun learning and performing it.” 

Photo by Tanya Chesterton Smith 

Nice work, Jen! Maybe I should give up my day job and let you write the blog from now on, eh? 

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