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Linea | Clear Aligners + Cosmetic Dentistry

Australia-wide cosmetic dentistry, specialising in clear aligners, whitening and veneers. Convenient, dentist-prescribed and a more affordable option than other clear aligners. Get the smile of your dreams for your wedding day!

Why Linea?

Are you dreaming of a perfect smile for your wedding day? Linea offers an affordable cosmetic dentistry solution in Australia that guarantees a stunning transformation. Here’s why Linea should be your go-to for a smile transformation:

1. Invisible Clear Aligners

Our clear aligners are virtually invisible, so no one will notice you’re wearing them. This means you can confidently flash your smile throughout your engagement and pre-wedding celebrations without any worries!

2. Faster Than Braces

Why wait years for braces when you can achieve your desired results in just 6-9 months (average timeframe)? Our clear aligners offer faster teeth straightening so you can have that perfect smile just in time for your big day.

Note: Light cases can take as little as 4 months, while complex cases can require 12 months or beyond. You will receive your diagnosis and proposed treatment within 2-5 business days of your initial consultation, and your smile will be underway in no time! 

3. Safe and Professional Care

Your safety is our priority. Every treatment at Linea is prescribed, performed, and monitored by a licensed Australian dentist. Trust in the expertise of local professionals dedicated to your dental health.

4. Convenient Remote Treatment

With our Linea app, you can track your treatment remotely, reducing the number of in-person visits. Plus, our 7-day local customer support ensures your questions get answered promptly. Convenience at its best!

5. Local and Trustworthy

Linea is an Australian brand, founded by Australian dentists, with partner dentists in every major city. Support local and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hometown care.

6. Teeth Whitening Included

Imagine a straighter, whiter smile on your wedding day! We include teeth whitening in our clear aligner packages, so you get a sparkling smile that dazzles in your wedding photos.

7. Veneers for an Enhanced Smile

If you’re looking for more than just teeth straightening, we offer veneers to enhance the shape and color of your teeth. Achieve the ultimate smile transformation with our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services.

Ready to Start Your Smile Journey?

Book a consultation with Linea today and discover how our affordable cosmetic dentistry solutions can give you the dream smile you deserve on your wedding day. Contact us now and take the first step towards a radiant, confident smile!

Don’t just take our word for it, see our client smile transformations below. 

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