South Asian bride and groom

Shae Estella Photo

A mixture of documentary, stylish editorial and candid wedding photography all rolled up into a ball of fun!


Oh hey, I’m Shae! 
My photography style is a mixture of documentary, editorial and candid wedding photography all rolled up into a ball of fun. 
We’ll skip the awkward poses and cheesy grins for full-body laughter, genuine expressions, and the magic of the moment. 
I photograph the touching moments you don’t see, the exciting moments you are in the thick of and the incredible moments you can never forget. 
My ideal clients are CRAZY in love – both with each other and with nature. They care more about the raw emotion and experience than the glitz and glamour of their wedding day.
My photography is all about capturing those rare, special moments in life. The kind of moments that make your heart beat a little faster, make you hug someone a little tighter, stay out beyond sunset together a little longer or breath a little deeper.
From Gympie to Byron Bay and anywhere out west, I’ll be there with two cameras in my hand, a huge smile on my face and a watchful eye for those special moments!


Hi, I’m Sally, Founder and Editor of The Bride’s Tree. Over the past 13 years I’ve written thousands of articles about all things wedding from tips and trends to etiquette and ideas. On this blog I bring you the best of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane weddings.