Ways to Celebrate Your “Would-have-been” Wedding Day (if Covid-19 wasn’t such a spoil sport!)

Courtney + Will

It’s been a bit pants, hasn’t it – all this postponing of weddings due to Covid-19 caper? There’s really no other way to put it (well there are plenty, but this is a family-friendly place, thank you very much!)

I don’t want to discount anyone’s pants-like feelings surrounding your postponements, but I hate to think of you all sitting in a puddle of your own tears, clutching your wedding dress in one hand, swigging champagne straight from the bottle in the other as ‘All By Myself‘ blares out

So, I thought it might be nice to instead try to enjoy the day together as a couple as much as possible. Of course we want to observe social distancing rules, so here are some things you can do in your own home to make the day a special one. 

Images by Luke Middlemiss Photography

Set the Scene 

Light some candles, get dressed up, style a beautiful tablescape, or set up a floor picnic. Turn on your most indulgent romantic music that gives you all the feels, and lean into the romance. If you really want it to feel extra special, order a floral arrangement from Suncoast Flowers, who will deliver them to your door. 

Order a Delicious Meal 

Check with your venue or caterer to see if they are doing takeaway or delivery, so you can dine on the closest thing to what you would have been having on your wedding night. You could even ask your venue if they would consider preparing a tasting menu specifically for you. 

Be prepared to understand that lot of venues aren’t in a position to do this right now, though, in which case you could try your fave local restaurant or a caterer. Here are some I can recommend… 

Capelli Foods is one of our fave local caterers, who are preparing home meals via text or call – 0447 124 160. 

Starting Sunday April 26th, Noosa Waterfront is doing an Italian Long Lunch at home

If you’re local to Tewantin/Noosa/Pomona, Vanteen Catering has delicious Drop Off Meals available

Cook Together

If ordering in isn’t possible due to immunity concerns, or budget, making a special meal together is a great way to bond and make a ritual of the dining experience. 

Zoom with Your Guests or Bridal Party

You can’t be with those people important to you right now, but there’s nothing stopping you from having a good time with them! Make a night of it – send them an invitation to join you for a chat, or even a party! Put on some music and have a dance together! 

Even better – you could ramp it up – hire a local musician to join in on the chat and play some live tunes for you. If your big day falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, check out musician John Veluso’s Acoustic Lives where he is playing a set each night, and you can support his efforts with a donation via PayPal. 

Capelli Foods will prepare a 3-course meal for you and your guests to be delivered to you. You can then have your guests pick them up from your door, take them home to heat and enjoy together over Zoom. Phone Michael on 0447 124 160 to order. 

Exchange Gifts 

Really – when isn’t a good time to exchange gifts? We could all do with a little joy in our lives right now, so why not treat each other to something special? 

Courtney + Will

Share Engagement Vows

Make it cute, but meaningful. Start with, “I vow to keep being engaged to you…” From there you can vow to make each other a coffee in the morning, go for Sunday walks, have date nights when they’re allowed again, pack the dishwasher properly – all that good stuff.

Choose Your Wedding Songs

Get all loved up with some potential wedding songs. Here are some great Spotify playlists of ideas for various wedding day moments if you’re not sure where to start. 

Walk Down The Aisle 

Aisle Recession

First Dance

Wedding Songs you might not have heard

If one or both of you are musically talented, you better believe it’s time to commence the serenade! 

Don’t Forget Dessert *wink*

Some of our favourite wedding cake and dessert geniuses have put together dessert packs for delivery. Chocolate 2 Chilli will make a mini celebration cake (that’s not really that mini – you’ll be eating it for a week!), cupcakes and treat packs.

SweetP Cakes and Cookies have some seriously cute cookie designs to choose from in their online shop. You could even send some to your family and bridal party if you’re having a video catch up, so you can enjoy them together.

Of course… I could be talking about a different type of dessert. I’ll leave that up to you!

I hope these ideas help you get through The Big Day that wasn’t. If you do any or all of the above, let us know



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