12 Tips for Having a Great Wedding

Noosa Springs Klarissa 3 of us shotWe’ve all been to weddings that are fun, entertaining and simply amazing, then we also remember the weddings that aren’t quite so favourable in the memory bank… the chaotic unorganised mess that turns into your worst nightmare. Getting drenched as a guest, because of no ceremony wet weather back up plan, walking kilometres in heels to get to the wedding destination and drinking on an empty stomach, and still not eating enough, so you leave the wedding starving and ready for a Maccas drive through on the way home.

Either way, weddings are a great time to reflect on your journey, your own love, and sometimes to just go with the moment and have the time of your life. Party with loved ones, strangers and bar staff alike.

So many people ask me, “What makes a great wedding?” Here are 12 honest tips, that are beyond the obvious ones, which may help you on your big day:

1. Beware Dead Dolphins + Budgie Smugglers

If you have a beach wedding, be aware of marine life washing up in the foreground, along with old men in G-string budgie smugglers. It’s not a good look and only creates more work for your photographer to photo-shop the photos.

2. Don’t Look Like Count Dracula

Wear waterproof mascara – ok, you’re not a crier and you’re definitely sure tears won’t be a-part of your day, but had you considered the weather, surprise elements, romantic gestures, champagne spray, sea mist or Aunty’s shirt swiping your makeup as she congratulates you. 

3. Avoid Inviting a Scene

If you’re having a secret affair with your neighbour before you enter into marriage, make sure that person isn’t aware of the ceremony date, location and time of your wedding, to object during the service. It creates an ugly scene – seriously!

Try to avoid having drunk and crazy guests at the ceremony or better still, at the wedding altogether. Yes, they can be fun at your Bucks or Hens, but tacky at a wedding.

Make sure family feuds don’t impact your day by policing distance between individuals that could be major threats to your smiles, laughs and peace at your wedding. 

4. Plan a Surprise

Have a surprise element in your day, to really shake things up with your guests. Bring in fire twirlers, a stand-up comedian during dinner, a digeridoo artist, the use of animals during the ceremony or sky dive as your arrival. Make the moment count, and give them all something to talk about for years to come!

5. Don’t Be Late

Be on time for your own wedding – it’s not a good look to see the Groom throwing up in the bush, 200m away from the ceremony site, all due to that last keg of beer he consumed at 5am that morning. Get with it, and if you can’t, get help to get with it.

6. Hydrate

Drink water on the day. Fainting really isn’t a good look at the alter. Stay hydrated, decrease the nerves, laugh off the anxiety and roll with the punches… well, kisses and hugs, actually. Bring on the coconut water – that stuff is gold, and brilliant for a hangover!

7. Ban the Bossy Boots!

Pick the right professionals. Don’t be bossed around on your day, or uncomfortable with the people around you. Be honest, choose wisely, and know you are in great hands. Otherwise not only will you be disappointed in your day, the photos will also reflect the energy and vibe. Trust and be in-tune when you book.

8. Laugh

I know you’re overwhelmed by the entire experience and this is completely natural, but if you want to have a great day, then humour plays a HUGE part in every moment from getting ready, to show time. It’s all in the smile and the laugh. Create humourous vows for a relaxed vibe during the service.

9. Try Not to Topple

Wear heels that work! If you’re walking on the beach, then seriously reconsider those stilettos. If you’re not a heel lover, go with flats – it’s your day, so be comfortable no matter what. 

10. Don’t wear a woollen suit in summer!

 In fact, wearing a woollen suit in Queensland should just be banned – full stop.

11. Dance Like it’s 1999

Seriously, is there a better time to make a goose out of yourself and shake a tail feather. It’s the only day of your life you can get away with pretty much anything. 

12. Film it. 

The day goes way too fast and your mind is in a spin the entire time because you’re on cloud 9, but on a schedule, so lots of the little details – guests’ reactions to things, and other wonderful moments – are often missed, unless life is captured. Having an edited version of your wedding ceremony and your day is one of the best investments you can make.  A picture speaks a thousand words, a movie speaks a million.

Hi, I’m Sally, Founder and Editor of The Bride’s Tree. Over the past 13 years I’ve written thousands of articles about all things wedding from tips and trends to etiquette and ideas. On this blog I bring you the best of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane weddings.