5 Ways to Enjoy Melbourne Cup When You Work From Home

Melbourne Cup Day. It’s the biggest day in Australian horse racing, and for many of us the only time we go trackside and frock up for a punt. For those working today, there will still be some excitement about the office. Fascinators may be worn, sweeps may be organised. So what about us lonesome work-at-homers? Never fear, I have five ways to help you get in the spirit and enjoy Melbourne Cup from your home office. *Guaranteed to have you feeling like you’re really there amongst the excitement. 


Wear a fascinator while you work. There is nothing stopping you from frocking up at home! While I could not locate my trusty fascinator from many a Melbourne Cup past, I donned my sparkly ears from my goodie bag I received at The Blogcademy in Brisbane over the weekend. They do the trick!


Scrap your Brita filtered water bottle, and spiff up your 2-litres-a-day by drinking it from a champagne flute or wine glass. Of course you could fill it with actual champagne or wine, but that’s your own quality-of-work-and-productivity vs stimulants internal argument to be had. In your own head, in your own time, thanks. 


A well-dressed pal never goes astray. Not even a dingo in her finest, trust me. 


Create a bathroom line and make yourself wait at least twenty minutes. Consider having a painful conversation with a handsome, but leering, punting **know-it-all while you wait. 


Pick your winners! Go all out and select a trifecta, and be sure to take your lunch break at 2 o’clock and watch the magic happen. Just make sure if you do actually pick the winner that you have placed a real bet beforehand. Disclaimer: Of course gambling to the point of addiction is not recommended, but a punt on Melbourne Cup Day is patriotic, don’t you think? 

Extra Credit

For those wanting to really do a good job of this, wear your heels under your desk all day, and you may like to go for a wander in the backyard to make some divets. That way you get an authentic long-lasting experience of getting to scrub the dirt and grass from your heels later tonight. 

Best of luck to you all. Hope you have a win!

*This really depends on your definition of “guaranteed.” I’ve always believed it meant “fairly unlikely.”

**The part of the leering know-it-all is played by my pup, Mr. Darcy, who while convincingly pulls off the air of arrogance required for the role, is actually the sweetest, most perfect furry man I know. 

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