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Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast Hinterland Wedding _ The Bride's Tree

From their home in Shibuya, Tokyo, Abigail and Li planned a Sunshine Coast hinterland wedding at Flaxton Gardens with gorgeous glam style. The bride was originally a Sunshine Coast local from Caloundra, but now resides in Tokyo with her love, Li. 

Love in Tokyo

“We met while I was exchanging at a university in Tokyo and although we were just friends in the beginning, he was my home away from home. He is my biggest comfort and support and that is why I fell in love with him and also why I knew I had to marry him.”

Wedding Party Style

“We wanted to give everyone in the bridal party their own individualality. Make everyone standout but also complement one another. I wanted the look to be less structured and more like a beautiful mess.”

My Standout Suppliers

Nicola Holland Photography and Willow Bud. They are both crazy talented, have the same vibe as me and probably cared about my wedding just as much as I did. Also, shoutout to Graham Hobson. He is a lovely guy and did a spectacular job.”

Images by Nicola Holland Photography

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The Proposal

“Li took me to a beautiful French restaurant located inside the Tokyo Skytree, that overlooked all of Tokyo. Then, when we walked outside, he proposed under our umbrella with the lit-up tower hovering over us.”

Most Emotional Moment

“When my pastor acknowledged the people who couldn’t be there for our wedding. He mentioned my dad, who passed away four years ago. It was very emotional for me as my dad was a huge supporter for me to study/ live in Japan and he would have loved Li.”

Best (Man) Decision Ever

“Li said the one thing he wouldn’t change for the world was having his dad as his best man. His original best man got his passport stolen while getting to Australia, so his dad stepped up. Even though Li’s dad didn’t know any English, he did such an amazing job and delivered an incredible, heartfelt speech.”

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Abigail + Li’s Next Big Adventure

“Once Li graduates from University in Tokyo we want to settle down in Australia. We are hoping to move his parents from China too and all live together!”A+L2018-819 Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast Hinterland Wedding _ The Bride's TreeA+L2018-841 A+L2018-845 A+L2018-856 A+L2018-905 A+L2018-929 A+L2018-960

Wedding Secrets

Biggest splurge: Flowers

Best money-saver: Inviting fewer guests

Bridal gown + accessories: Rosa and Mary Bridal Boutique

Bride’s shoes: David Jones

Bridesmaids’ dresses + accessories: BHLDN

Groom’s suits: Bruno’s Suits 

Groomsmen’s attire: Suits Direct 

Honeymoon: Melbourne

Number of guests: 55

Wedding budget: $25,000

Actual cost of wedding: $27,000

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Photography: Nicola Holland Photography | Venue + catering: Flaxton Gardens | Flowers: Willow Bud | Cake: Cherry-Ann Corino (bride’s sister) | Favours: Teacups from Bed, Bath & Table, tea from China | Hair: Kymarie Makeup | Makeup: Pure Nava + Kymarie Makeup | Stylist: Simply Style Co. | Entertainment: Graham Hobson | Officiant: Pastor Graham Kell | Wedding Accommodation: The Summit Flaxton


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