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Inclusive Ceremonies | 6 Ways to Involve Your Guests

23rd January 2020

Highly sought-after Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, Kath Tilly, shares six wedding ceremony ideas to involve your loved ones in unique and fun ways.


Cannon PicThankfully the day of the boring ceremony script, delivered in a monotone voice with some archaic “words of wisdom” thrown in for good measure are long gone!
These days wedding celebrants work closely with their couples to create personal ceremonies where the guests are not just invited to sit there and witness a special moment in time take place in front of them.Instead they are now encouraged to help celebrate and be “a part of” the ceremony in many fun and unique ways that truly add to ALL the feels!
Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, Kath Tilly, specialises in creating Inclusive Ceremonies and today shares with us six unique ways for you to involve some or all your guests. 

1. Rose Petal Cannons

These are perfect if you have a couple of people you would like to include but not sure how?
After the signing of the marriage register, I invite your two nominated “cannon boys” forward to stand either side of you both.
As I excitedly announce you as newlyweds, the cannons go off with a bang and shoot a colourful display of freeze-dried rose petals up into the air over your heads.
Makes for a great photo are completely biodegradable and a great way to include dads, brothers or older kids.  Book now to receive 2 x FREE Rose Petal Cannons.

2. Communal Bouquet

When guests arrive, they are greeted with a basket of flowers and invited to each take one. Guests are then creating the aisle way as the music starts and the couple/bride walks down the aisle collecting a flower from each of the guests as they go.

Once the couple/bride arrives at the end, the colourful bouquet made with many well wishes from their loved ones is tied with a keep sake ribbon

Inclusive Wedding Ceremonies with Kath Tilly

3. Family + Friends Vow

During the housekeeping notes I explain to the guests that there will be a moment in the ceremony where I will ask for their help – I will ask them all to yell as loud as they can “I do” as I ask  them to vow to love and support you both  in your marriage.
We have a quick practice, so they are ready when I later ask them to “swear to party hard tonight for one of the most amazing couples they know, dance like crazy, cheer and celebrate with you, and vow to continue to encourage and support you both in your journey to have your very own happily ever after?”
To which they reply nice and loud – “I do!”

4. I Do Section

This section is traditionally read by the celebrant, but why not include someone special and have them read the below “asking section” in your ceremony.
Do you (name) promise to keep (name) as your favourite person, your faithful companion, your accomplice in mischief and your one true love? Do you promise to to laugh with her/him, go on adventures with her/him, support her/him through life’s tough moments, continue to reluctantly share your side of the wardrobe/Netflix remote with her/him, and find new reasons to love her/him every day?”
This works well to further include your Matron of Honour, Best Man or even an important family member from both sides.

5. Celebrant Wing Man/Wing Woman

Lots of couples have that one friend that is a great speaker and who could make a great “stand in” celebrant. Rather than having them go through the extensive training required to become a registered marriage celebrant, having them read the “Love Story Section” in your ceremony may be a great way to involve someone that was there from the very beginning.
There is a “love story section” in your ceremony, which is based on the answers your give your celebrant in your Q&A. It talks about how you both met, what you love about each other, and so on. Your celebrant can write this section for that person to read on the day, or they can write and present it themselves. Just like how the Big Bang cast helped “marry” Bernie and Howard, and Joey performed Monica and Chandler’s ceremony on Friends.
Leah & Tom

6. Bridal Party Introduction

Why not have some fun and help your celebrant write a fun introduction to your “I do crew”
This is a great way to make sure everyone attending knows who is standing up the front with you. It also gives your guests something fun to chat with your bridal party about a little later.
Example = It’s now time for me to introduce you all to the I Do Crew for today….
First up on team Groom we have Pat. This fruit ninja champion has been the groom’s friend for many years. They have shared many a camping and drinking adventure together but please do not let him anywhere near a karaoke machine or bottle of tequila.

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Image credits: Graeme Passmore and Life and Love Photography