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Happy New Year! Any Engagement News?

31st December 2011

Happy New Year to all of our lovely Brides-to-be and Sunshine Coast wedding industry vendors. We hope you enjoyed your celebrations and brought the new year in with a bang and a boogie.  So, what's the goss? Any New Year's Eve proposals? Photo by Emma Nayler Photographer.   

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Photo of the Week

30th December 2011

Think a little storm is going to ruin your wedding day? Okay, yeah, perhaps you won't be able to frolick on the beach for hours in the Sunshine. However, if after your wedding day you wait for your photos to come back from your awesome Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, like Ben from Velocity Images, for example, and you get a shot like this in the mix… A little bit of thunder and lightning won't matter a wink. Queensland weather might be unpredictable, but it can also produce spectacular results in photography!  This photo was taken at Kings Beach in Caloundra,…

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Hair Accessory Inspiration

29th December 2011

Flowers, butterflies and bows. All super pretty hair pieces, alternative to the bridal veil, all on-trend for Sunshine Coast weddings. There are a stack of lovely handmade headbands and hair clips in all colours and materials out there, and we have found our fave few to share with you. Aren't we just delightful? Enjoy the cleverly fashioned fabric flowers and sweet crochet pieces in today's inspiration board. Oh, you're entirely welcome.    1.  Vintage floral headband. From Which Goose, Photography by Ashley Maxwell, via Green Wedding Shoes  2. Teal 'Subterranean' floral fascinator. From Which Goose 3.  Ivory ‘Subterranean” flower fascinator. From Which Goose 4.  “Among the wildflowers” fascinator. From Which…

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Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

28th December 2011

Your wedding songs might have you tearing up, laughing with joy, or dropping it like it's hot. Or, all of the above! The most important things is they should evoke some kind of emotion from you and your betrothed.  We recently asked Sunshine Coast brides-to-be and past brides to share their walking down the aisle song choices with us, for inspiration if you're still undecided. The one thing we learnt when going through the responses is that Sunshine Coast couples have rather varying musical tastes! So here's a little something for everybody:  Relaxed, Sweet Songs  Forever, Ben Harper – Melissa…

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DIY Watercolour Wedding Confetti

27th December 2011

Following on from yesterday's Red Wedding Inspiration, today we bring you a really easy and fun red confetti DIY as another way to infuse the colour into your wedding styling. Actually, you can do it with any colour!  Some people are so clever, it just makes me sick. Jordan from Oh Happy Day is one of those people. As it is she who has devised this simple way of making plain old boring white confetti into delightful watercoloured itty bitty pieces of goodness to brighten up any old wedding aisle.  Sunshine Coast weddings will be revolutionised with this step-by-step guide,…

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Red inspiration

26th December 2011

Love. Desire. Passion. Romance. The colour red conjures up all kinds of feelings and impressions, all of which sit quite nicely with the concept of weddings and marriage. How ever so convenient!  The colour red could be considered quite an intense colour for a wedding colour scheme, of course, but unlike it has been so in the past. Where it may have been more symbiotic with a very formal and traditional occasion, these days it can be infused into your wedding styling in a much more relaxed way. Check out these sweet ways of making red your wedding colour in…

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Classic Styling for a Caloundra Wedding

25th December 2011

Meagan and Will were married in May of 2011, on what they describe as being an absolutely perfect day, both weather-wise and in terms of everything running smoothly. A dream come true for Meagan, who only wanted to be able to enjoy her big day without the worry of things going awry. How did she pull it off? 16 months of careful planning, my friends. Their classic romantic theme with roses, and pearls and lace detail, is a lesson in elegance and timelessness. But of course this is no typical couple – as you will see in the absolutely awesome…

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Happy Christmas from The Bride’s Tree

24th December 2011

There are a few reasons why we named this here beautiful website The Bride's Tree. We saw our site becoming firm, strong standing fixture in the Sunshine Coast wedding industry, that branches out, creating networks, all interconnected. When I picture The Tree this thought represents, it has a beautiful tall, thick trunk, with long branches, like the ones you could really climb and swing off and build treehouses upon without fear of breaking any boughs and ending up like an ill-fated babe in a cradle. It has large light and dark leaves in rich greens, and also tiny, sweet green,…

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Photo of the Week

23rd December 2011

The thing I really love about this photo by Brock Photography Noosa is the way the bride's stunning dress is reminiscent of the foam of the waves from the ocean. And also the perfect lighting as the sun is thinking about having a rest for the day. And also the beautiful colours in the sky with the wisp of clouds with a mauve tone and pretty blue sky peeking through. And the adorable parasols. And the way the bride is having a moment, chatting with her bridesmaids. Oh, look, I just really love everything about it! It's just the epitome…

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12 of the best Wedding Finds in Coolum

22nd December 2011

If you take a look around your neighbourhood, you might be  surprised at what you will find for your wedding. If you don't have time, or want to make your shopping time more efficient, then you're in luck, because we are scouring the local stores across all areas of the Sunshine Coast to find all the best gear for you! Starting in Coolum, we went out with our camera in hand and were amazed to find so many great possibilities for wedding attire and accessories, wedding jewellery, wedding flower arrangements, wedding decorations, wedding gift registry for homewares and even great…

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