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Engageed: Stefie + Karl in Caloundra

22nd March 2016

Pack up the picnic set and sneak off in the Kombi to the beach... Sounds like heaven! This couple won their Caloundra engagement shoot. Lucky!

Karl + Stefie_002

Finding that sweet spot to have your engagement shots taken is half the battle. You want it to be pretty, speak to you as a couple, and most importantly – not too many onlookers. Uh – perhaps nobody told the seagull this was an intimate moment for Stefie and Karl? How rude! 

Idyllic and unpretentious, Caloundra’s Kings Beach boat ramp meant the couple were able to get gorgeous shots with the most awesome shiny red Kombi so close to the ocean, picnicking on the rocks. 

Stefie and Karl were the lucky winners of their Caloundra engagement shoot with Renee Towers Photography at last year’s Caloundra Wedding Collective Open Day. Deluxe Kombi Service also came on board to take their beach engagement shoot to the next level. 

Karl + Stefie_003 Karl + Stefie_005 Karl + Stefie_011 Karl + Stefie_020 Karl + Stefie_029 Karl + Stefie_032 Karl + Stefie_035 Karl + Stefie_039 Karl + Stefie_041a Karl + Stefie_042 Karl + Stefie_047 Karl + Stefie_051 Karl + Stefie_060

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