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Carlie + Duncan’s Maleny Wedding Film

13th March 2016

He started the day surfing with mates. She started the day being pampered to perfection. By the afternoon, they were husband and wife. By the evening they were dancing the night away, and we get to watch it all in this short wedding film.

Carlie & Duncan Holman from bxcsmxth on Vimeo.

When I was watching this short wedding film, I found myself beginning to imagine newlyweds Carlie and Duncan as elderly, surrounded by their children and grandchildren, holding hands as they shared this beautiful time capsule of their wedding day in Maleny. This wedding film truly has that memory making feel about it. Nothing posed, no airs, just real moments captured beautifully. 

The film begins following the groom to the beach for a surf. He might be just going about his day, but this isn’t any ordinary day, which is evident by the huge grin he can’t wipe off his face. Later on in the film we share the moment he gets everything he has always wanted, and what this perfect day has been building up to – that moment when celebrant Bill Scurry announces they are married, and Duncan passionately embraces his wife. 

Wedding filmmaker, Bec Smith, from BXCSMXTH knows the Coast, and she knows how a Sunshine Coast wedding film should make you feel – like the world stood still for this one day for this one couple in this one little piece of paradise. 

As Carlie and Duncan, and their family and friends, dance the night away at Maleny wedding venue, Weddings at Tiffany’s, we get to be part of the celebration. I don’t know about you guys, but watching this film I feel pretty certain this particular couple are going to meet my predictions and be sharing their beautiful wedding film with their future generations in years to come with as much passion for one another as seen in that First Kiss. 

If you, like us, can’t get enough of Carlie and Duncan’s beautiful Maleny wedding, you can see more on their amazing photographer, Karen Buckle’s website