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3rd September 2013

Rrrrrruff! Row-row-roww… that was the sound of your best friend’s little heart breaking when he discovered he wasn’t invited to your Sunshine Coast wedding. You wouldn’t leave your child at home on your special day, right? Then why leave the pug? Including a fuzzy pal requires a bit of planning, so SimplyBridal has gone ahead and done the brainstorming for you. Consider these super suggestions and you are set! Plus, lookee how cute! Thumbnail images of a cute-as-a-button rottweiler at his mum and dad’s wedding by Alan Hughes Photography. He loves puppy dogs at weddings, and we love him for that!…

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Surprise Backyard Wedding

30th April 2013

Something we have noticed cropping up more and more lately is the surprise backyard wedding. All the guests arrive, thinking they are turning up for a birthday party or engagement party, while it actually turns out to be the wedding itself! I even attended one such wedding myself just a couple of weeks ago in Coorory. It was really lovely and laid back, and just what this particular low key couple wanted.  Many brides and grooms are choosing to do it their own way, but make still it special and beautiful by getting a professional planner and stylist on board,…

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Wedding Makeup Trends 2013

4th February 2013

Today we have a guest blog post from one of the Sunshine Coast’s amazing wedding makeup artists, Tasleema Nigh Makeup Artist. We asked Tasleema to share her expertise in the wedding makeup trends about to hit us for 2013 weddings, as well as images of her amazing bridal makeup work.  More and more brides are requesting natural makeup, most specifically in the foundation department.  Natural makeup means soft eyes, lips and cheeks in shades of pinks, peaches or browns depending on your colouring.  There is a big trend towards vintage which in terms of makeup means soft muted smokey eyes…

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The Magic of Owls at Your Wedding

5th July 2012

Let me tell you a little something about owls. No, really, stay with me – this is relevant to weddings! Owls traditionally are a very respected creature in many countries across the globe. The Greeks believed owls represent status, intelligence and wealth. In Celtic, Egyptian and Hindu cultures, the owl is representative of guardianship. In our western culture, they denote all kinds of meaning, like wisdom, mysticism, transition and protection. In all, the owl is a creature many respect, and they definitely have an undeniable magical sense about them. Having an owl as part of your wedding may seem like a…

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Wedding Styling Trend: Signage

8th May 2012

It is a very popular wedding trend of the moment, not to mention thoughtful and practical. Signage at your wedding ceremony and reception will both help your guests to navigate their way about the joint and look drop dead cute and gorgeous, adding a sweet touch to your Sunshine Coast wedding styling. You can have all sorts of signage at your wedding. You can use a few rustic street-sign-style arrows in pine and white to direct your guests this way and that or provide your program on a sign, rather than print individual ones (save a tree!) You can display the…

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2012 Tablescapes Trends

3rd April 2012

This Ultra Modern setting is the last of our 2012 Tablescapes Trends series by P.S. & Associates Event Planning. What a talented group of people to create such impressive tablescapes. Thank you for sharing your amazing work with us, and inspiring Sunshine Coast brides with your chargers and centrepieces and funky chairs.  "This table setting is called, “Ultra Modern.” This setting is for the bride that likes clean lines, pops of color and lives a little on the edge. You have glass table tops sitting on lit cubes which give the table a sexy and clean touch. Glassware is called the…

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2012 Tablescapes Trends

27th March 2012

Prepare to die and go to heaven. This tablescape by P.S. & Associates Event Planning  from the USA is our favourite of the 2012 Tablescapes Trends we have shared with you so far. We love the pretty blue, teamed wiht the decadent gold in this rich china. Amazing inspiration for an irresistable tablescape for your Sunshine Coast wedding.  Enjoy this "Versace Chic" inspiration with more details from P.S. & Associates below.  "This table setting is called, “Versace Chic.”  This setting is for the bride that likes opulence with a modern twist.  Here you have a beautiful table setting with gold flatware…

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2012 Tablescapes Trends

20th March 2012

  Last week we brought you the first of our 2012 Tablescapes Trends series thanks to P.S. & Associates Event Planning, a US company that create some seriously stunning weddings for their clients. As wedding coordinators in the know, they have put together some tablescapes to reflect both their own unique style and the most on-trend themes and colour pallettes.  When we saw these creative and well-put-together wedding table settings, we knew our Sunshine Coast brides and grooms would just go positively batty at the sight of them (in a good way!) Today we share with you installment number two in…

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