Ceremony Tips for the Groom

tips for the groom     Today we have a wonderful Guest Blogger. Woman-in-the-know and Sunshine Coast Celebrant, Darienne Davis, who has seen it all in her ten years officiating weddings.

As a Sunshine Coast Celebrant I have the unique opportunity to spend that first pre-wedding half hour or so with the groom. No two weddings are ever the same, just as no two grooms are ever the same. There ais the casual, taking-it-all-in-his-stride type, the “I’ve never worn a suit before in my life (and when can I put my boardies back on?)” type, and the calm “we’ve got this,” well-instructed-by-his-future-wife type, and of course many more.

Here are my top tips for the groom to get himself together before the ceremony starts – and earn him some of your brownie points! 

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tips for the groom2How to write your vows

Okay, at this point I know you have written your vows, right? But just in case you’re still nutting them out, here’s a cool tip.

Think of three things about her that you love? Now think of three things that you promise. Boom – you’ve just written your vows.

tips for the groom1That new suit looks great, but take off the tags! 

Not used to wearing a suit? Most new suits come stitched lightly at the back and some with a designers label on the sleeve. No these are not part of the “look”, make sure you check and remove all those tags (it saves searching for scissors three minutes before the bride arrives.)

What to drink

Sure, have a drink or two with your groomsmen before the Ceremony but please don’t arrive smelling like you’ve been down the pub all afternoon. (Oh, and if its hot, a bottle of water may come in handy)

When to get there

Arrive nice and early for the Ceremony. There will be guests to greet, photos to take, and lots of women, who will want to cuddle you. It’ll be worth it.

tips for the groom3Greet your guests and help seat them

No I don’t mean you become the usher but certainly take a moment for the “front row” peeps (family) and make sure if your Mum is there she gets special attention from you. This is a big day for her! 

groomGather the groomsmen

Make sure your Groomsmen all know what’s happening. Does your Best Man have the ring? You may have to fill in that mate, who just arrived and wasn’t at the rehearsal

Quick, get rid of that bulge in your pocket!

The suit looks great, but wait… what are those bulges? Please remove your phones and other bulky objects from your pockets, and give your sunnies to a friend.

When it’s all said and done, make sure nobody has to ask…tips for the groom4

Where’s the groom?

After you walk down the aisle there will be a line up of family and friends wanting to congratulate you both. It’s a great idea to stay with your partner and do the “grin and grip, hug and kiss” together. She will be the happiest girl in the world if you do! 

Darienne Davis is one of our wonderful A-list Vendors. Darienne has been a Celebrant for 10 years and is responsible for hundreds of beautiful wedding ceremonies here on the Sunshine Coast. 


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