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We are the lucky ones. The Sunshine Coast is heaven on earth, where the sun sets with a warmth that makes all it touches glow and gleam.

Bridal fashion and beauty for brides of the Sunshine Coast so often sees natural and unassuming meet the height of glamour and style. Much like the bridal looks designed for this photo shoot alongside the river at peaceful Mudjimba.

Perfectly relaxed waves and loosely styled pony tails and upstyles were teamed with natural bronzed makeup for coastal bridal vibes.

Model Tahlia sparkled in Chosen by Kyha, while Caitlin flounced in a full-skirted half bodice gown by local dressmaker, Marilyn Crystelle Bridal.

The Crew

Photography: Emma Nayler [Photographer] 

Concept + coordination: Sass & Niki’s Wedding Hair

Hair: Sass & Niki’s Wedding Hair

Makeup: Makeup Artistry by Lauren

Bouquets: Willow Bud

Earrings: Salita Matthews

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