Confetti – A Shower of Love

Guest blog post by Carrie and Emily from A Darling Affair.

Over at A Darling Affair we’re gearing up for our first event of the year – The Celebration Fair. All of our planning has us in a party mood and nothing says party and excitement like CONFETTI!

We reflected on the invention of confetti and found that it originates with the tradition of showering newly weds in things such as rice as they leave their wedding ceremony. Indeed an expression of LOVE as it represents showering the bride and groom in well wishes for their life together. Continuing our series of details that say, “I love you”…nothing says “Hooray! We are so happy for you!” like tossing confetti up in the air and over the happy couple. Give your guests the perfect way to show their love for you by providing confetti at your wedding.

So let’s kick off with paper confetti. There is something so festive about these little circles of colour – as they explode and flutter in all of their bright, spotty glory. This traditional form of confetti is by far our favourite, and you’ll find that it’s a trend for all kinds of design projects. Confetti is “so in right now”.


Photo by Anna Gilbert Photography, Styling by Style le Aisle

If you’re looking for even more “pizazz” why not throw some sparkle in there. Toni, of Float Balloon knows how to add an extra hit of shimmer to a confetti mix.

You may find that your venue will not allow the paper and glitter confetti varieties due to the clean up involved. However there are more “nature-friendly” options. You will find biodegradable paper options, but it can be far easier and more affordable than that.

One commonly used alternative is flower petals, colourful, floaty and a natural option.

Photo by Mode Photography

We are especially loving lavender and the vintage touch it adds as a form of flower confetti.

Photo by Boots Photography

Food, such as rice and small fruits were often used traditionally. However, for a more colourful option – why not use sprinkles! Much more fun and colourful!

Cake pops by Jhar Binx & Zave Cake Artistry

If you have a phobia of having things thrown at you – you can always opt for bubbles, or sparklers.

Sparklers from Anna’s Perfect Parties

You’re sure to find confetti-a-plenty at our Celebration Fair, along with plenty of colourful inspiration for your big day. Pop on down to Lake Kawana Community Centre on March 16th for a fun day out.

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