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DIY Bride and Groom Glitter Wire Signs

31st May 2012

Are you positively revelling in your newly found status as an engaged woman? Are you delighting daily in dreaming of your big day? Are you relishing every delicious moment of considering and planning and making bridal decisions? Well, so you should! This time is not going to last forever, so make the most of it!

This is one time in your life where you can completely indulge in the little details to make one perfect day that's completely beautiful and totally you. And of course, as they say it's the journey, not the destination… well, okay, in this particular instance, it's largely the destination, but the lead up is just as wonderful! So take time to enjoy the process by getting your craft on.

Today we share with you these super gorgeous glitter wire bride and groom signs from the clever kids over at Oh Happy Day! These would look fabulous on your chairs at your reception. It's a tiny little detail you will just adore seeing in your photos in the years to come, and the memory will be all the more sweet knowing you made them with your own two hands. Take the task on with your gal pals, or tackle the project with your man! I mean, you would be surprised how enthusiastic they can get about sprinkling glitter…

Full DIY instructions can be found here.